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What kinds of wine glass you want it for whisky?

Pulished on Jan. 08, 2019

To choose wine glass for any kinds of wine is the basic request when you enjoy it. Better whisky glasses have good looking in high quality, you can even see the whisky is shinning from the inside. How it important to have a right whisky glass. Here we would like to share with you more details when you want to buy whisky glasses.

What kinds of wine glass you want it for whisky?cid=3

* Take notes of first 3 important points when you buy whisky glass

1. Top edge of whisky glass cup. it is the direct part which connects you and whisky. The wine will go from the glass cup inside to the top edge and then enter your mouth. When it touch your tongue, good edge will improve the taste of whisky.

2. Shape of whisky glass cup. There are normally two kinds of shape. One is narrow mouth, another wide mouth. It is easy to gather together the aroma of alcohol and feel the strong taste when you use a whisky glass with narrow mouth. Wide mouth may weaken the aroma, but better to know the difference when it aroma changes.

3. Size of cross section in mid of the glass cup. We call it breathing when the whisky starts to into the air. The faster of oxidizing velocity, the stronger you can feel the whisky. That’s why most people like the whisky glass with a big belly. If with smaller one, then the feeling will be weak.


What types of whisky glass are the most popular to enjoy whisky?


1. Glencairn Glass

It is the favorite among Scotch whiskey fanciers. Such kind of whiskey glass cup is designed for Chief Bartender and Sommelier. The looking of glass cup is similar as Scotch Distiller. It is one of the appoint whiskey glass cup in Professional events. 

What kinds of wine glass you want it for whisky?cid=3

2. Copita Nosing Glass.

It is Advanced Edition from trantional sherry glass. Small and durable. The edge of cup is with special design so you can enjoy the stronger whiskey and without any bad smelling around your nosy. Copita Nosing Glass is suitable for stronger wine.

What kinds of wine glass you want it for whisky?cid=3

3、Old Fashioned Glass or Rock Glass or Tumbler Glass

 Such kind of glass cup is common use for home, hotel, bar. Especially when you want to drink the whiskey with ice.


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4. ISO

ISO, is the professional glass cup which is used in liquor competitions. It is the only one with international standard and can keep the original taste of wine.  

Highball glass or Collins glass, they are both in tube shape with different capacity. Collines glass is normally with 12oz. These two kinds of glass cup is used for subsidiary cup when you need to add water or prepare cocktail with whiskey.

What kinds of wine glass you want it for whisky?cid=3