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The Introduction of Coffee Cup 

Pulished on May. 16, 2019

Three main sizes of the coffee cup

1.Small coffee cup

The capacity is around 60ml-80ml, which is suitable for tasting pure coffee, Or mellow coffee.  Although it can be drunk in almost one mouthful, its lingering fragrance and aftertaste are still lingering. 

The Introduction of Coffee Cup 

2.Regular coffee cups

Its capacity is around 120ml-140ml. There is enough room for self-mixing, adding milk powder and sugar.

The Introduction of Coffee Cup 

3.A mug or coffee cup designed for milk

The capacity is over 300ml.  The Coffee with plenty of milk, like American Mocha mugs,  is enough to contain its sweet and varied taste.  Romantic Frenchmen, on the other hand, often use a large bowl of milk coffee to render the cheerful mood that lasts for a whole morning.

The Introduction of Coffee Cup 

How to select a coffee cup?

1.The contrast of colors between coffee and cup

If the color of coffee is darker and richer, in order to set off the beauty of coffee, it is more suitable to use white cups.

2.The weight of coffee cup

Coffee cups should be easy to use, light and important.

3.Coffee cups should be easy to clean and wash

A good coffee cup is smooth and shiny on the surface of both pottery and porcelain cups.  The cup surface is compact and the pore is small. It is not easy to hang coffee,  but it is easy to wash.

4.Coffee cups and their surroundings

When choosing a coffee cup, you should also choose the coffee cup according to the match between the coffee cup and the environment. After all, beautiful coffee cups can also play a decorative role, if the tone of the coffee cup is well integrated into the surrounding environment, it will also make people feel comfortable.

The Introduction of Coffee Cup 

How to hold on a coffee cup

Coffee drinks after meals are usually served in pocket cups.  The cup has small ears and can't be pierced out by fingers. But even if you use a larger cup, don't use your finger through the ear of the cup to carry the cup.  The correct way to hold a coffee cup is to hold the cup between your thumb and forefinger and hold it up again.  In addition, sometimes when drinking coffee can be eaten some snacks, but do not hold a cup of coffee in one hand, holding snacks in the other hand, eating and drinking alternately.  When you drink coffee, you should put down your snacks, and when you eat snacks, you should put down your coffee cups.

The Introduction of Coffee Cup The Introduction of Coffee Cup 

The correct way to hold a coffee cup is to hold the cup ear between thumb and index finger and hold the cup up.  When drinking coffee, hold the coffee cup in your right hand and the coffee dish in your left hand. Slowly move to your mouth and sip. Do not make a noise.   And at the same time, don't grab your cup, gulp it down, or bend over to take coffee. When adding coffee, don't take the cup out of the coffee dish

Coffee is a culture, drinking coffee is a fashion and taste.   

The introduction of coffee cup is necessary. If you master these etiquettes, you can show graceful temperament in many occasions.

The Introduction of Coffee Cup