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Glass light weight bottle production and the advantages

Pulished on Feb. 28, 2020

The glass bottle has the good comprehensive function, also has the disadvantages of easy fragile and heavy weight. In recent years, with the emergence of some new containers, glass containers are facing the competition of metal, polymer, paper and other materials. Therefore, if a big quantity of glass bottles used in glass industry, we mustneed to reduce the manufacturing cost as possible and improve the quality level. Therefore light weight glass bottle is the main way to reduce manufacturing cost in glass industry.


A light weight bottle is a bottle made by reducing the weight of a glass container by thinning its wall thickness but at the same time maintaining its capacity and strength. The production of light weight bottles has the following advantages:


1) Save consumption of raw materials: 

Light weight bottle can save the consumption of raw materials. The glass industry is a big energy consumer, consuming a lot of energy whether it is fueled by coal, heavy oil, natural gas or electricity. In the energy-stressed modern society, to produce as many products as possible with limited energy production will undoubtedly can reduce the manufacturing cost and have the social benefits of energy conservation.


2) Increase machine speed:

Light weight bottle can increase the machine speed, so can improve the transparency of the bottle. Modern glass bottle is mostly made by high speed molding production, then reduce the bottle weight, to get more output.


3) Reduce transportation cost of each circulation link:

Light weight bottle can reduce the transportation cost of each circulation link. In the transportation link will have a variety of long-distance method, light weight glass bottle will reduce the cost of transportation and circulation, also can reduce the burden of producers, users and consumers.

Glass light weight bottle production and the advantages