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How to carve on the cup, how to choose tea cup?

Pulished on Sep. 05, 2019

1)How to carve on a glass

You can use glass engraving and drawing machine, sandblasting film on the glass for carving.This machine is very fast and accurate, and there is no need to re-carve with using it, basically the first time can successful carve.The machine can also use its own cutting function to carve patterns and logos directly.

                                                                 How to carve on the cup, how to choose tea cup?cid=3

2)How to choose a tea cup?

1. First, the rim of the cup should be smooth and flat.

2. The shapes of tea cups are various, and everyone's habits and preferences are different, so the shapes chosen are totally different.For example, in a straight-mouthed cup, you must raise your head to finish it.But with a closed cup, you have to lift your head to finish it.

3. The bottom of the cup should be smooth and flat.

4. The cups should match the size of the teapot. A small cup matches a small teapot, and a large cup matches a large cup.

5. The outside color of the cup should be in harmony with the teapot.Generally speaking, in order to observe the color of the tea, the inner color of the tea cup is white.Corresponding also can have a little embellishment, make some decorations.

6. The number of tea cups needs to pay attention. Generally speaking, the number of tea cups for a set of tea sets is singular.If you drink tea alone, you only need a teapot and a cup.If you are drinking tea with a good friends, you can match a teapot with two or three cups. If it's a party, there are lots of tea sets.To be on the safe side, we usually buy extra cups to keep as a reserve, in case we break the ones we don't have.