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The difference between the real gold and the fake gold in post processing of the glassware?Are you interested in?

Pulished on Sep. 06, 2019

    The glassware is divided into light body products and post-processing products. In the post-processing of glass, including many processes, mainly printing, decals, frosting, sanding, spray color, gold, gold, gold, ion plating and so on.

    In the decals and printed of glassware, the decals are more vivid. Printing close to the real thing, it looks like the real scene, has requirements for the shape and color of the cup, and the cup type that needs to be well-regulated, and the color of the flower should not be too complicated.

   The decal paper must be clean water, so as to ensure that the outside of the glass bottle is clean, smooth. If there are more impurities in the water, there will be an uneven surface and the broken flower after the finished product. In the process of baking the glass, the applique should be placed correctly and not offset. After the baking, the color of the bottle will be uniform and can be perfectly combined with the bottle. Try to scrape the printed paper with a scraper to make the decal and the bottle perfectly combined. If there is air bubbles, when the glass bottle is finished, the baking flower will burst.


    There is another post-processing way with the gold is to write gold, In the top of the cup or the body of the cup. Writing gold is using the gold powder or gold water on the glassware surface to decorate or with other things the edge.

    The use of the gold powder is much more difficult than the gold water, and because of the high price for the gold, it is generally only used for advanced products, and the general products are currently used Golden Water.

   The gold-drawing decoration is hand-drawn, and the operation steps of the gold water are relatively simple. The manual operation method is to draw the gold water according to the decorative part, and to draw.

   Gold is a pure metal and it is difficult to chemically react with other substances.After the fire, even if it melts at high temperatures, it will not chemically react with oxygen in the air, so its quality will not change.It is often said that real gold is not afraid of fire. It means that gold melts into gold water after being burnt.But after the gold water is cooled, it is still gold. Its physical and chemical properties have not changed, and other metals are reduced by oxidation after being burned.Therefore, people usually use fire to judge whether it is real gold. But the real gold printed paper is only a few percents.


     The difference between the real gold and the fake gold:

     The difference between real gold and fake gold,the real gold is more obvious. Mainly reflected in: 1. Price. Real gold prices will be much more expensive, and fake gold will be much cheaper. 2. The brightness of the color: The real gold is bright and beautiful, and the fake gold looks dim. 3.use time: the real gold is more Long-term use, and the fake gold, Fake gold is easy to discolor.