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How to hold a wine glass correctly

Pulished on Sep. 06, 2019

Nowadays more and more people like to drink red wine, then you know how to get the red wine glass correctly?

If you are asking a wine professional, then he may tell you that the farther your hand is from the wall, the better! Specific operations, there are the following:

Posture 1: Practicality is great

How to hold a wine glass correctly

This should be the most common type of wine glass. It is suitable for 99% of the occasions. It is safe and reliable. It is popular among people all over the world, and it has already formed the habit of “holding the wall and drinking”, even if it does not take the handle. Comfortable people, it is best to do as the Romans do!

Posture 2: Professionals debut

How to hold a wine glass correctly

In situations where professionalism is high, you may see people taking cups like this. There are two reasons for holding the cup like this:

1. The average body temperature of the human body is 36.5 °C, which is much higher than the drinking temperature of red wine of 15~18 °C and the drinking temperature of white wine is 7~10 °C. The farther the hand is away from the cup wall, the smaller the effect of body temperature on the taste of the wine;

2. Take the wine glass so that there is no cover around the wall, you can better see the color of the wine.

Posture 3: If the wine glass will float on its own, how good...

How to hold a wine glass correctly

This posture can be regarded as an advanced version of posture 2, which is difficult. It is recommended that you practice more before using it. After all, one is not stable, the wine is spilled, and it is a bit embarrassing.

If you are just starting to drink wine, then just master the first position. And many cocktail parties for ordinary lovers, there are many people, whether it is posture 2 or posture three, on such occasions, the risk of sprinkling is not small. At the just-concluded liqueur, if you use posture two, or posture three, probably you are washing your own (or someone else's) clothes now...

In fact, how to take a wine glass is not important, after all, drinking, happy is the most important thing!

In fact, it is quite interesting to take a glass of wine. If everyone is open and bright, not subject to the standard posture, maybe we are tired of drinking at the reception, but also can look at the way people around the cup, guess what character they are, can also pay one or two Friends!

Of course, if you see a man who holds the wine glass as Hannibal does, you can run quickly. Lol

How to hold a wine glass correctly

Beautiful girl show you how to hold a wine glass and how to drink wine properly.