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How to choose a glass cup for different occasions

Pulished on Aug. 21, 2019

The glass cup is not only beautiful, but also environmentally friendly and healthy. Therefore, it is very popular among the public and can be seen in various occasions. However, the style of the glass is varied, and the glasses for different occasions are also different. The purchase of the glass is also skillful. So, how do you choose a glass? Below, Xiaobian will share the strategy of buying glasses for different occasions. Whether you want buyers to use glasses, office glasses, or other glasses, after reading these, you can understand how to choose the right glass.

Household glass cup

How to choose a glass cup for different occasions

The glass is the best choice for entertaining guests. It can be used repeatedly, and it is healthy and hygienic. Unlike disposable paper cups, it pollutes the environment and wastes resources. Some paper cups dissolve in hot water and some substances dissolve. In the water, it also has an impact on the health of the human body, and the glass does not have such problems.

Purchase points: 1, because most of the household glass sup  is used to entertain guests, so when choosing a glass, check the inner and outer walls of the cup for cracks, to avoid rupture when the heat is collided, so that the guests are hurt; 2 There will be children or old people in the guests or family members. Therefore, when choosing a glass, it is best to choose a cup with a thicker cup, which is more wear-resistant and resistant to falling, and has a corresponding heat insulation effect.

Office glass cup

How to choose a glass cup for different occasions

The office is a serious environment, but it is okay to express your style properly. Whenever you can't lack a cup of water at hand, choose a glass cup that is transparent and textured. In the office, use a glass to make a cup of tea, tea and tea at a glance, it is high-end taste.

Purchase points: 1, because the cup in the office will be affected by computers, chassis, people and other people, will absorb more dust, bacteria, bacteria and other micro-substances, so when buying office glasses, it is best to choose a cup cover The glass can be used to prevent the water quality from being affected. 2. The office glass needs to be cleaned frequently to ensure health and hygiene. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a cup with suitable cup for easy cleaning.

Outdoor glass bottle

How to choose a glass cup for different occasions

People who regularly participate in outdoor sports and activities know that in the wild environment, in addition to wearing various equipment and protective gear, a tool for quenching thirst is essential to avoid accidents due to lack of water in the body. Outdoor glass cups are one of the outdoor water tools.

Optional points: 1. In the outdoor sports environment, you can't avoid bumping, so the water cup needs to be wear-resistant and scratch-resistant. The outdoor glass you buy should have a protective layer that protects the cup. Considering the urgency of outdoor sports: Some sports have a long outdoor time, so it is best to choose a water cup with a relatively large water capacity. If the time is tight, for a lighter weight, choose a smaller water cup.

Dining glass cups

How to choose a glass cup for different occasions

Whether the restaurant can attract more customers, in addition to the quality of the food, decoration design, service quality, the choice of high-quality, styled restaurant glass also has a corresponding extra role in attracting customers, according to the style of their own restaurant. The glass allows customers to linger.

Shopping points: 1, customers are like beautiful things, so when buying glasses, try to choose a more beautiful shape of the glass, the design of the cup body can cater to the customer's taste, thereby promoting consumption; 2, food and beverage stores The customers are more complicated, there are children, the elderly, etc., so the glass of the restaurant should have a certain heat insulation function and drop resistance, you can choose a hard glass with a certain thickness.