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Scientific principle is hidden in wine goblet !

Pulished on Aug. 20, 2019

Scientific principle is hidden in wine goblet ! 

The goblet is almost a sign of wine drinking. For many people, it looks like a very elegant thing to use a goblet, but it is not just for good looking. A scientific basis is found.

1.Scientific dispelling: Why is it essential to choose a right wine glass ?

Wine is an alcoholic drinking which can fully mobilize the senses. You need to look at its color, smell by nose, taste with tongue and feel it with your heart before you know its beauty. Details can reflect the beauty of wine. Slight differences in color, transparency and aroma can determine different styles and qualities of the wine.

The wall thickness of a flat bottom cup is often thicker than that of a goblet, which affects the aesthetics and the taste of the wine. In addition, flat cups cannot leave the aroma of the wine near the cup mouth like a goblet, which affects the smelling process for the wine. What the most important is that each wine has its best drinking temperature. If you use a flat-bottomed cup, the temperature will get high with hand grabbing, which will affect the taste of the wine so you cannot feel its real beauty. However, goblets are with high and thin legs, people can hold this part in order to make no impact on the temperature of the wine. Therefore, choosing the right goblet is very important for wine tasting.

(1)Good for color observation

The color of the wine often reveals its vintage/age time, grape type, and whether it has deteriorated, so color observing is critical to wine. The wine glass has excellent transparency and is ideal for color viewing.

(2) Good for aroma smelling

As is known alcohol is a volatile substance, when alcohol evaporates from the surface of the wine, the aroma will also be released, so the drinkers can smell the aroma. Experiments show that only the mouth of the goblets can form a red aroma belt, so for smelling, the goblet is the most suitable glass.

(3) Good for tasting 

Lips for different cups differ in thickness. It’s generally believed that the thinner the lip is, the less impact the glass has on the drinking experience, that’s why wine goblet lips are thin. 

(4) Easy to shake

Usually, the belly of the goblet is bigger than its mouth, in which the wine will not easily spilled out when the cup is shaken.

Wine glass classification

(1)Red wine glass

Although different red wines correspond to different glass goblets, generally, red wine glass has a wide mouth which is good for smelling. Moreover, the wide-mouth glass can speed up the volatilization of ethanol, which can help release the fragrance, and fully contact with the air can also make the wine taste soft and smooth.

Scientific principle is hidden in wine goblet !

(2)White wine glass

Compared to red wine, the glass mouth of white wine is generally narrow, which can maintain its floral aroma and the low temperature after chilling; at the same time, the U-shaped cup belly can help to release the aroma.

Scientific principle is hidden in wine goblet !

Garbo wine glasses are in hot selling !

Scientific principle is hidden in wine goblet !