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How to choose and use storage jar to make your home more easy

Pulished on Jun. 29, 2019


Nowadays there are more and more small things need to storage, especially for kitchen supplies, for housewives. Here we collected some tips from netizens, as below:   

Knowledge of glass storage jar

1, its size.

Storage jar are available in a variety of sizes, large and small, depending on the application. In general, small storage jar are more suitable for kitchens to store a variety of materials, while medium and large storage tanks are suitable for living rooms and storage rooms to store large items.

2, its airtightness

There are a high degree of sealing request for storage seasonings and ingredients, avoiding moisture and causing deterioration of things; and the storage of some things does not require high sealing, such as candy biscuits with separate packaging.

3. its quality

First of all, the storage jar should be intact, there should be no cracks or holes; there should be no smell in the jar; then check if the lid can be tightly sealed.

4.Its appearance

If you want to store debris, the shape is irregular, the color is not uniform, in order to avoid making the small space feel more complicated, it is recommended to use the sheltered storage, add the cabinet door outside the cabinet, all cover only wish to plan the active desktop The collection display table feels that the overall wall is as delicate as an art gallery.


Use collocation of storage jar

1, labeling different categories

You can consider the following classifications: the thins to content, type, frequency of use, and characteristics of the item. Label each season item by category so that you can easily find it without opening the box or unpacking it.

2. Leave space for new item storage

Plan to enough space for new items, calculate the items for each category, determine the amount of space required, and leave the space.

3. Centralized storage of similar items

Hide a specific storage place for each type of item, which is spatial positioning.

4, make full use of the box and drawer

Boxes and drawers, and the packaging of the goods are all good objects. You can store the scattered items and put them on the outside to find them.


Disinfection and deodorization of storage tanks

When storing some items in the kitchen, in general, in order to confirm the storage, glass storage tanks are used, and some oil, salt, seasoning, etc. are installed. But after a long time, it is easy to accumulate dirt and breed bacteria. So we need to clean and clean the storage tanks regularly.

First of all, the glass storage tank should be disinfected and deodorized. It can be directly cleaned and cleaned with hot water, and dried in a ventilated place to ensure that the storage tank is clean and dry.

In addition to internal cleaning, the place to be preserved also needs our attention. It is best to keep it in a dry, ventilated and cool place, so as not to affect the preservation of food and shorten the shelf life.


Above are some small tips for storage jars and tanks, hope it can helps you, and make your life more easy.