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How to remove the label and glue from the glass bottle?

Pulished on Jul. 02, 2019

In this article, we will explain how to remove the labels from the glass surface and how to remove the glue left by the labels.

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How to remove the label from a glass bottle?


1. Soak the label side in water for 2 hours at least, and then the label will be easily removed. If there is any residue, wipe it with a wet towel until the label completely removed.

2. Use the hot air of hair dryer to blow label for 5 minutes. When the edge of the label is curving, it can be torn easily.           

3. Also can us the detergent to remove adhesive, gently spray and wipe, you can easily remove the label.

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How to remove glue from glass?


1. Wipe the glass surface with a paper towel, which is stained with alcohol, until the adhesive is removed.     

2. You can use nail polish remover to wipe the glass surface.And then the adhesive will be torn easily.       

3. Squeeze some hand cream on the glass surface, use your fingers to wipe in circle, after a while it will be able to wipe the adhesive cleanly. 4. Banana water can also be used to clean, which is essentially a paint remover. Use it in the same way as alcohol.   

After seeing this article, you can try to remove lables with above methords, and then give us some feedback!