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The other ways to use glass cup, not only for dringking

Pulished on Jul. 03, 2019

The magical effect of the glass, the glass can be used in addition to drinking water, but also can use in many field , for example , as a decoration on the house , planting on the glass , make a music , make a reflaction light and so on , you can find more way to use the glass cup .

Acoustic aspects:

china wine glass

1. We use different materials, such as chopsticks, plastic, stainless steel, etc., knock on the wall of the cup, the cup wall vibrates and the cup will emit different audio and crisp sound. It means that the sound is generated by the vibration of the sounding body; when the vibration stops, the sound is stopped.

2. Use the same type of glass, which is filled with different volumes of water, tapping it separately, you will find that each cup emits a different sound, according to the tone, adjust the amount of water, so that a good song can be popped up.

3. Use two glasses of different thickness and gently tap the mouth of the cup with chopsticks. You will find that the sounds of the sounds of the two cups are different. This is also a way to judge the quality of bowls, cups, plates, etc. when we buy them in the market.

Optical aspects:

engraved glass cup

1. Use a cylindrical glass filled with water and put a coin inside. When you look from the outside, you will find that the coin is bigger, indicating that the glass of water at this time is equivalent to a magnifying glass, which can be erected and enlarged. Virtual image.

2. Use a glass cup filled with water in the sun and you will find a colorful strip on the back. Explains the dispersion of light. You can use a little color when taking pictures.

The other ways to use glass cup, not only for dringking

At the same time, in addition to the glass cup for drinking water, we can also cultivate potted plants according to the size of the cup. The transparent glass wall can make the potted plants look more beautiful and cool. At the same time, you can also use the storage pen case in your daily life. The cylindrical glass cup can hold some stationery, pen, ruler, or tableware, such as chopsticks, forks, spoons, etc.

In addition, we can also use small glasses to raise small pets, such as small insects and small fish. Transparent glass walls allow us to observe their growth in more ways.

There are many other uses for the glass. We can find surprises and improve the quality of life according to our daily life. If you have more ideas, you can try it.