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Tips for using glass bakeware

Pulished on Jul. 03, 2019

Nowadays, more and more people are interested in baking foods. But some people will ignore the matters need attention that the specification showed. So I am gonna talk about some tips for using glass bakeware.

Tips for using glass bakeware

The advantages of glass bakeware

The advantages of a glass baking tray are that it can distribute the heat more evenly so that it will make your food more uniform when you cook. Nevertheless, glass is poor at heat conduction, so it can`t heat up quickly. But as long as it is preheated, it will keep warming for a long time after the food being removed from the oven. On the contrary, the metal tray will react with acidic things, then it will causing food turning colors or leave a metallic taste.

glass bakeware

The reason why glass is easy to self-explode

The reason why glass is easy to self-explode is that during the process of manufacture, it will mix with invisible nickel sulfide (NiS). This nickel sulfide will cause the glass to expand greatly when the ambient temperature changes, thus causing the phenomenon of glass exploding.

Tips for using glass bakeware

The heat-resistant glass which is suitable for kitchen use contains high-temperature borosilicate components. It can bear the maximum 450 °C high temperature and can bear the temperature difference change of 300 °C of sudden cooling and sudden heating without the risk of self-explosion.

Tips for using glass bakeware

So how can we minimize the risk of broken glass tray? 

1. Please don`t ignore the specification when you buying the new one. 

2. Avoiding temperature changes; avoiding it from the refrigerator to the oven, or from the oven to the sink.

3. Do not add liquid to high-temperature glassware.

4. No more heat than 350 F.

5. Place hot baking trays on towels, cutting boards or cooling racks instead of placing on cold or wet surfaces, or countertops, or on stoves.

6. Do not use in stoves, broilers or oven directly.

7. Do not put the tray into the water before it is completely cool.

8. Do not rub it with an appliance or scratch it.

9. Make the oven to warm up before adding the baking tray.