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How to choose whisky glass

Pulished on Dec. 19, 2018

                                   How to choose whisky glass?

Good wine needs slow taste. But any kind of wine, not only the wine itself, but also the appreciation of wine glasses. The fine whiskey glass has a pure appearance and gives the viewer a more direct view of the golden gloss. So, when drinking whisky, whats the key factors to select the whisky glass? The following is a summary of whisky glass options.

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There are three key factors of whiskey glass selection as follows:

1. The edge of the cup: which part of the tongue is in contact with the wine inlet, which will affect the development of the taste experience.

2. Cup mouth: divided into internal cup type and open cup type. Cup-in: it is easier to gather the aroma released by liquor, more easy to feel the intensity and impact of aroma, can amplify the expressive power of various flavors. Open cup: weaken the impact of aroma, more easy to feel the delicate changes of aroma. The mouth of the cup is the most important factor to consider in the choice of wine glass.

3.The size of cross section of cup belly: related to the contact area between liquor and air, which determines the oxidation rate of liquor. Faster oxidation, stronger sense of smell and taste, and softer sense of smell and taste.

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Type of whisky glass

1. Glencairn Glass is the favorite of many Scotch Whisky fans. Designed for whisky's chief bartender and taster, the cup, a whisky-shaped kettle distiller, has become the designated cup for many professional events. A slightly larger cup, holding enough whisky, in the cup, the aroma agglomerated, and released from the cup mouth. Slightly smaller than the ISO cup, the rim of the cup is not overturned or constricted, suitable for all kinds of whisky or spirits. The Glen Kane smell Cup is very easy to carry and easy to clean because it is thick and durable and has no feet. Even if it is in a dishwasher, there is no problem. Applicable: professional smell and Scotch Whisky

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2.Copita Nosing Glass

The tulip cup (Copita Nosing Glass) is slim and has a thin rim and a subtle curve, comparable to an advanced version of the ISO standard cup or the traditional Sherry glass, professional and standardized, and small and durable. The special treatment at the cup edge protects the drinker from the volatile stimuli of high alcohol concentration while smelling the aroma. The advantage of tulip cup is that it has good agglomeration effect and can fully display the fine aroma of wine when smelling it. At the same time, the small opening of the glass allows the fine aroma of the wine to float out, giving back to the drinkers more delicate and hierarchical flavor, suitable for brandy, whisky and the need to show good aroma of alcohol use. Tulip cups are suitable for all kinds of professional occasions, especially for strong-bodied whiskey, such as single malt whisky parallel taste. Applicable: pure drink; high alcohol, heavy body whiskey, such as single malt whiskey

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2. Classical glass

There are many other names for classical cups, such as (Old Fashioned Glass), rock cups, (Rock Glass), tumblers, (Tumbler Glass). The classic glass also seems to be an excellent choice when drinking whiskey, although it can't be used to smell it, which can affect the variety and richness of the aroma and impair the structure and expression of the aroma. Classical glasses are ideal for whiskey drinkers with ice cubes, because you don't have to worry about being knocked over. Applicable: whisky served on ice

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The ISO cup, known as the international standard cup, is specially designed for competition in wine competitions. The ISO cup is strictly defined in size, with a height of 155 mm at the foot, a diameter of 65 mm at the widest point of the cup body, and a diameter of 46 mm at the mouth of the cup. Pour the wine into the widest part of the body. It's about 50 ml. ISO cup has a good aroma collection effect, does not highlight any of the characteristics of the wine, the proper performance of the original look of the wine. Applicable: professional blind whiskey 

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5.High ball glass

Both (Highball glass) and Collins cups have a straight appearance, with a slightly different capacity, ranging from 8 to 10 ounces (1 ounce = 28.35 ml) and 12 ounces in Corinth. The high-ball and Corinth glasses have larger capacity than the classical ones. The two glasses are mainly prepared for whiskey to water or whisky as a base for making cocktails. Applicable: whiskey cocktail or whiskey soda.

 How to choose whisky glass?cid=3

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