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Quick selection of Crystal Glass in 7 steps

Pulished on Dec. 20, 2018

This summer is especially hot, we all like to drink all kinds of beverages, of course, it cannot do without the crystal glass when we drink. Most people think crystal glass is no difference with soda-lime glassware, they are both transparent, in fact, there are some differences. Today, Garbo’s QC, with 5 years experience in the glassware industry, will explain to you under the next how to choose the crystal glass.

How to select glass trademark, appearance quality, rated capacity, sealing performance, odor inspection, heat resistance, water resistance, match performance, heat resistance, and blast change performance.

1, Trademark: whether it is a well-known manufacturer, whether there is an authenticated certification.

Quick selection of Crystal Glass in 7 steps

2, Appearance and inner wall: it should look smooth, transparent, beautiful, free from cracks, scratches, and dirt; the cup should be smooth and without burrs that maybe will damage the skin; there should be no bubbles or stains in the cup; The printing and letters on the cup body should be clear and beautiful.

3, The standard capacity is 300 ml, the other capacity is 260 ml / 360ml, the tolerance is ±5 ml.

4. Sealing performance means whether it can prevent leakage: after the cup lid is tightened, even the drinking water cup is shaken greatly, no matter the cup is in any state, the liquid in the cup does not leak.

5. Pour hot water into the cup and cap with any.peculiar smell.

Quick selection of Crystal Glass in 7 steps

6. The seal ring and the silicone seal ring immerge in the boiling water will not become sticky, and the appearance will not change significantly.

7, The cup cap and cup body match: the cup cap and cup body should rotate freely, open and close flexibly, no skid phenomenon.

Quick selection of Crystal Glass in 7 steps

Crystal glass is more use more bright, very suitable for home use, is also indispensable on the table, we must carefully choose it.

The above is the Chinese glassware supplier-Garbo Glassware to share the knowledge, if you want to know more about glass cups, crystal glass, double glass mug, and cups, for related information, please pay attention to our official website!