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Do you know how to clean the wine goblet

Pulished on Jun. 14, 2019


Generally speaking,  red goblets have a larger belly, which is conducive to releasing the fragrance of wine.  Sweet white and 

expensive wine is usually filled in tall cups with smaller belly, which is beneficial to maintaining aroma and low temperature.

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But no matter what kind of glass goblet, if it is not clean, it will affect the taste of the wine. Therefore, it's better to clean it as soon as possible after drinking.

1.Cleaning crystal Goblets

Crystal goblets are fragile. It's better not to wash them in the dishwasher, but washing them by hand.

Let's look at the steps below.

(1)Rinse the cup with warm water, but not hot water.

(2)If the glass is not stained with a lot of oil, it is better to use less detergent.

(3)Hold the cup belly carefully, and then put it into sponge for cleaning.

(4) Choose cloth or sponge to clean and avoid crushing glass too hard.

(5) Hold the cup belly in one hand and wash the inner wall with one hand.

(6) Hold the belly of the cup in one hand and wash the outside of the cup with one hand.

(7) Gently wipe the pillars and bottom of the cup


Warm Tip: Crystal cup is more permeable than ordinary goblet, so it is easy to leave wine stains or smells.  At this time may as 

well use baking soda or vinegar to clean, and the effect is good.


2.Cleaning common glass Goblets

If you have enough time, you can use the above method to clean ordinary goblets, especially the handle is hard and short. If you're lazy, it's good to use the dishwasher.

If there is no stain on the goblet, it can be washed directly with clean water. If there is stain, a small amount of detergent should be dripped into the goblet before washing.


3.How to store the goblets when they are cleaned?

(1)Hang the goblet upside down on the cup rack, so as to avoid dust.

(2) Or put the cup mouth upward to avoid the accumulation of stuffy odor, and try to make every tall cup with enough space to avoid the danger of breakage.

(3) If conditions permit, the goblet can also be stored in a wine cabinet with a cup rack, rather than in a box, to avoid contamination with mildew.

(4) The cup rack can separate the tall cup, reduce the risk of breakage, and has high safety. It is especially suitable for fragile crystal cups.

(5)To store the goblet on the cup rack, it is necessary to rotate the goblet regularly to prolong the life of the goblet.