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How to distinguish a flint glass ?

Pulished on Apr. 04, 2019

In our daily life,glass is mainly divided into two categories: plate glass and deep processing glass, among which there are three kinds of plate glass: lead up plate glass (divided into grooved and grooveless), flat pull plate glass and float glass. Deep - processed glass is made of flat glass and has a wide range of applications. To find out if the glass contains lead, follow me.

How to distinguish a flint glass ?cid=3

Can glass cup contain lead?

Lead glass cost is very high, is several times or even dozens of times more expensive than the common glass at least. It can only be used for high value added products, the wholesale price of glass cup is too low to recover the percentage dozens of lead silicate raw material. Therefore, please rest assured to use your glass cup.

In addition, the light transmittance of lead glass is not very good, very hard commonly by 91% ( the light transmittance of optical glass like K8 and K9 is commonly 90% to 93%). In silicate industry, lead silicate "does not belong to the additive, which can increase the light transmittance of glass". 

Although lead glass light transmittance is not high, but can greatly increase the refractive index of glass, make its show "similar to diamond" refraction and dispersion phenomenon, a high ornamental value. 

Therefore, it is suitable for manufacturing high price "of lead glass ornaments, handicrafts, etc. 

More than 30% of lead glass, used in nuclear protection, price is in 400-800 yuan a kilogram, more expensive than the standard optical glass.

How to distinguish a flint glass ?cid=3

How to distinguish the lead glass lead?

1)The logo: lead-free glass containing potassium, more upscale handicraft and have logo on the outer packing; Lead in glass, a type of crystal glassware, which is commonly found in supermarkets and street, containing 24 percent of lead oxide.

2) Color: the lead-free glass has better refractive property than the traditional crystal glass with lead, which perfectly shows the refractive property of metal glass;

Such as some of the various shapes of furnishings, crystal wine glass, crystal lamps, all are made of lead glass.

3) Look at the heat resistance: glass can generally withstand very high temperature, but the general resistance to extreme cold and heat performance is poor.

4) Weigh in proportion: lead crystal glass products and lead-free crystal glass products, are thicker.

5) Listen to the sound: the sound of lead-free glass is more pleasing to the ear, than the metallic lead crystal one, which is known as "music" cup.

6) See toughness: lead-free glass is more tenacious and impact-resistant than lead crystal glass.