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how to clean a glass wine decanter quickly

Pulished on Mar. 29, 2019

Why people use wine decanter and what decanter to use for red wine has been the most talked-about topics among who are fond of wine, but almost all those decanters we use are made in various irregular shapes, which means we cant just wash this glassware like we normally do for other glassware like glass bowls, cups etc.

Lets go directly to the points of todays topic-how to clean a glass wine decanter quickly. Weve got a decanter that has been used for wine, and a effervescent tablet for artificial teeth.

how to clean a glass wine decanter quickly how to clean a glass wine decanter quickly

Step 1, Pour out all the remained wine;

Step 2, Put the effervescent tablet into the wine decanter;

Step 3, Pour hot water around 50°C into the glassware;

Step 4, Leave it for about 8 hours, do not need to stir;

Step 5, Pour out all the liquid from decanter and just wash it again with tap running water


Youll witness all previous remains and odor are gone with the water, but dont forget to place the decanter upside down to drain its remained water till its completely dried. Your glass decanter will be shiny bright again as brand new.