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How to distinguish high temperature resistant glass

Pulished on Jun. 19, 2019

Do you know How to distinguish high temperature glass? When we use a glass puting in boiling water, we will find that the glass will burst, when we use the glass waolk from the room to the icy outdoor, the glass will also break. so do you know what is the temperature difference that the glass can accept? 

The heat-resistant temperature of soda-calcium high-temperature glass is generally within 280 degrees, the heat-resistant temperature of borosilicate is generally within 450 degrees, the heat-resistant temperature of fine-grain is generally within 760 degrees, and the heat-resistant temperature of quartz is generally within 1200 degrees. 

Features of high temperature resistant glass: 1) is colorless and transparent or slightly light green, 2) the thickness of glass should be uniform, the size should be standardized, and 3) there are no or few bubbles, stones and ribs, scratches and other defects.

Ordinary glass use temperature :

How to distinguish high temperature resistant glass

Ordinary material glass is a poor conductor of heat. When a part of the inner wall of the glass suddenly encounters heat (or encounters cold), the inner layer of the cup is obviously expanded by heat, but the outer layer is not heated enough to expand less, thereby making the parts of the glass The temperature difference between the two is large, and the thermal expansion and contraction of the object causes the thermal expansion of the parts of the glass to be uneven. If the difference of the unevenness is too large, the glass may be broken. The tensile strength of borosilicate glass is higher than that of ordinary glass, so the crack is also relatively large, which is the fragmentation of the unit, not the fragmentation of ordinary glass.

Therefore, when loading boiling water, we can first install warm water, warm the cup, gradually add boiling water, and gradually heat up gradually, so as to effectively protect the quilt from being blown.

High temperature glass :

How to distinguish high temperature resistant glass

The biggest characteristic of borosilicate glass is that it has a very low coefficient of thermal expansion, about one-third of ordinary glass, that is, it is not sensitive to temperature, and there is no common thermal expansion and contraction of common objects, so it has high temperature resistance and high thermal stability. . Can be used to hold hot water.

However, it is still necessary to remind everyone that the tempered glass bought in the market should not be used in the same way as the borosilicate glass. The tempered glass is the same temperature as the ordinary glass, generally below 70 degrees, and needs to be used with caution. Moreover, some experts said that there is no such thing as heat-resistant tempered glass products or tempered heat-resistant glass products in the domestic market, so don't be misled when purchasing. If it is a heat-resistant glass, the cup will usually be labeled with the corresponding temperature, the scope of use, etc.; and the high borosilicate glass is generally more expensive than ordinary glass, so if the borosilicate glass is cheaper to buy Time to pay attention to whether it is really high borosilicate products.