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If crystal glass with lead? How to maintain and clean crystal glass?

Pulished on Feb. 14, 2019

As the name suggests, crystal glass is made of crystal material. Crystal is a material that everyone likes very much. The crystal clear texture is one of its characteristics. Family use is also indispensable on the table.

1. If crystal glass with lead?

There are two main types of crystal glass circulating on the market: lead-free crystal glass and lead-containing crystal glass. That is, the crystal glassware commonly found in some supermarkets and stalls has a lead oxide content of up to 24%.

When a cup made of lead-containing artificial crystal contains acidic beverages such as alcohol, cola, honey, and fruit juice, or other acidic foods, lead ions may form soluble lead salts which are ingested by the human body with beverages or foods. Seriously harmful to health.

Therefore, when selecting a glass, especially a crystal glass, you need to pay special attention to whether the material is lead-free.

If crystal glass with lead? How to maintain and clean crystal glass?cid=3

2. How to clean?

The first step: warm water rinse, the water temperature can be slightly warmer. For the place where the mouth or the bottom is easy to adhere to the dirt, it can be washed with detergent. It can be cleaned with a special cleaning cloth. The cleaning cloth is a polyester-cotton composite. It has good water absorption but can not be shed. It is absolutely necessary to avoid scratching.


Step 2: After rinsing, pour the cup on a flat cleaning cloth, let the water flow naturally and dry it. When placing the cup, pay attention to the surface of the cup and do not store water. Otherwise, water marks will form easily.


Step 3: After the cup is dry, wipe the remaining water marks with a dry cleaning cloth. When wiping, hold the cup with your left hand and wipe with your right hand. Start with the bottom, then the cup, and finally the cup. When wiping the inside of the cup, the towel should be gently rotated around the cup, do not wipe it vigorously;


Step 4: The wiped glass is clean and clear, and the water mark can be hung upside down on the cup holder, or the cup can be placed upside down in the wine cabinet. Avoid putting the cup mouth down in the wine cabinet for a long time, so that it will easily accumulate unclean or stale smell in the cup bowl for a long time, which will affect the use.