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How to make a quality inspection standard for glassware products?

Pulished on Nov. 25, 2021

The scope of use of glass is very extensive, our daily life is inseparable from glass products, glass products can be seen everywhere. Garbo has been engaged in the glass business since 1993 and has formed a very complete product line, from glasses to glass vases and other household decoration products are very complete. We also have many cooperative customers from all over the world, for some experienced glass purchasing customers, can easily distinguish the quality of glass and how to choose better quality glass products, but for some new buyers, they may not be able to distinguish the quality of glass. How to make a quality inspection level for glassware products?

For glass products, the price of the same shape may vary greatly because of the difference in material color or production technology. Therefore, the main purpose of this article is to introduce how to distinguish the quality of glass products and make a suitable quality inspection standard for glassware products, and also tell you how to choose appropriate glass products according to your own market. 

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1. Raw material level of glassware products: 

For transparent glass products, the most important thing is material color, which is the most obvious difference and the intuitive difference that consumers can feel. It is generally divided into ordinary white, medium white, high white, and crystal white. The color of crystal white will be very close to the color of crystal, very bright, while ordinary white will often turn yellow or green, and medium white and high white is somewhere in between. For a model, you can choose different colors, which will also lead to a difference in price. Crystal white is the most expensive, ordinary white is the cheapest, and medium white and high white are somewhere in between. You can choose the appropriate material color according to your needs and target customers, if you are selling to a relatively high-end market, you can choose high white or crystal white, and if you sell to a market with weak consumption power, you can choose ordinary white and medium white, which will save your commodity cost. 

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2. The quality inspection for glassware products: 

In addition to the color, glass products often have some defects, such as bubbles, stripes, and cracks. Bubbles and stripes are not only problems that will exist in general glass production, but also unavoidable problems. It is impossible to avoid these two problems completely in bulk production, and it is also unrealistic for customers to require that there are no bubbles and stripes at all. at this time, it is generally to control the proportion of defects, to control this defect within a small proportion is to meet the inspection requirements. In addition, it is acceptable to control the size of the bubble and control the bubble in a relatively small volume. Another kind of defect is the crack and the scratch, which is formed by the collision of the glass product on the production line, while the scratch is caused by the lack of polishing so that the sharp part of the glass product is not smoothed out. These two kinds of quality problems will cause harm to consumers and may even hurt them. This kind of quality problem must not exist. Therefore, when we pack, we will pick out the cracked products and scrap them, while the products that are not polished enough may be re-polished. 

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As the general daily glassware are non-standard parts, there are no specific national or industry standards, and the physical and chemical properties are basically implemented with reference to some relevant safety and environmental protection laws or regulations of various countries. Therefore, we can only rely on manual inspection of glass products to meet the standards, which requires quality inspection of glass products by a certain understanding, to develop reasonable standards for inspection. 

hope that our customers can choose their own suitable products.