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How to make your glass cups look like a new one after holding tea?

Pulished on Dec. 15, 2022

Tea has a natural health function, but if you use a cup covered with tea dirt for a long time, it can cause cancer. 

It is reported that the tea scale contains toxic substances such as cadmium, lead, mercury, arsenic, and carcinogens such as nitrite, which will adhere to the smooth surface of the teacup and enter people's digestive system as tea enters people's digestive system. combined with proteins, fatty acids, and vitamins in the food, insoluble precipitation is formed, which not only hinders the absorption and digestion of these nutrients but also damages the intestines and stomach, and other organs. 

In addition, often do not wash the teacup, some scale also contains a lot of heavy metals, these oxides into the body will also cause neurological, digestive, urinary hematopoietic system pathological changes and functional disorders, and even cause premature senility, especially arsenic and cadmium can cause cancer. The teacup is used to make tea for many times, and it is easy to accumulate a thick layer of tea dirt, which is not easy to clean. So how to clean the glass scale? 

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The glass used for a long time will produce a foggy scale, sometimes no matter how hard to brush or not clean. And the glass is transparent, and the dirt on the inner wall can be seen very clearly, which will affect the mood of tea drinkers to a large extent, and there must be disadvantages to people's healthy drinking water. How to clean the glass? You might as well try the following five tips, which can help you remove scale easily and easily. 

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(1) soda cleaning: you can soak it in heated rice vinegar or baking soda for a day or night, and then wash it with a toothbrush. 

(2) rub with a sponge in salt, you can easily remove the scale or tea scale on the glass. 

(3) to remove small pieces of scale, soak the glass in the solution of bleach or cleaning powder and leave it overnight to remove the scale. 

(4) it can be scrubbed with toothpaste or a broken eggshell, then rinsed with clean water. 

(5) Potato cleaning method: first prepare hot water, then take a potato and put it into a cup, pour the prepared heat into the cup and soak it for more than 10 minutes, then you can easily wash the scale off the cup. The principle is that there is starch in the potato, which has a strong suction force, so it is easy to remove the dirt from the cup. 

Now, do you still worry about "how to clean the glass scale" and "how to clean the glass"? You might as well give it a try. Maybe your glass will be crystal clear in a minute.

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