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How to use your glass food container correctly

Pulished on Feb. 21, 2020

How to use your glass food container correctly

In this special period, because of the Corona Virus, the glass food container would be the most popular items for office workers, because they are airtight for contain foods, also no odor distribution.But there are also explosion happened by improper use, heating or collision. Product experts said that glass materials and production processes are different, so the scope of use is different. It is safer to understand and use glass tableware correctly.

How to use your glass food container correctly

The 3 types of glass food container

Based on the glass material, it can mainly divided in to 3 types for the glass food container: normal glass food container, tempered glass food container and heat-resisitant glass food container.

Ordinary glass food container, it components are mainly sodium and calcium, and have no special features. Their biggest advantages are low cost and low price.

Tempered glass food container, it refers to chemical or physical secondary tempering treatment based on ordinary glass, and its hardness is higher than ordinary glass. After being damaged by force, it will appear obtuse-angle particles, which belongs to safety glass, which can protect personal safety.

Heat-resistant glass food container, is also widely used in tableware and kitchenware. It is based on the addition of heat-resistant boric acid and silicic acid components to ordinary glass and can withstand rapid temperature changes. Also called Borosilicate glass food container.

You can often see news about glass tableware explosions online. So what kind of glass will explode?

Experts said that tempered glass is easy to explosion.

For two main reasons: 

First, the internal stress generated during the production process. In the production of tempered glass, after melting at high temperature, it is directly cooled in an extremely cold environment. During the production process, a large internal stress will be generated. When an external force is encountered, a self-explosion splash will occur. Although it may rupture during use, it will not cause bursting and flying. 

Second, the tempered glass contains the impurity nickel sulfide, which exists in the glass and affects the stability of the glass structure. Therefore, in daily use, it is not recommended to put ordinary glass and tempered glassware in a microwave oven, which is likely to cause safety risks.

How to use your glass food container correctly

Use glass tableware correctly will ensure your safety

1.When used in the freezer, the volume should not exceed two thirds of the container; glassware should be kept in a closed or semi-closed state to avoid containing liquids such as juice, broth, milk, porridge, etc. 

2.When heating in a microwave oven, be sure to open the lid. Although the lid is made of PP (cold / heat-resistant temperature B20 ℃ -120 ℃) and the sealing strip is a silicone pad (cold / heat-resistant temperature B40 ℃ -200 ℃), it is affected by thermal expansion and contraction, which will cause the lid to fail. Problems such as opening or deformation affect the sealability of the product.

3. Use steamer cautiously. The pressure of the steamer react to pressure reaction with the heat-resistant glass, which will lead to some fine cracks in the glassware.

4. Avoid using steel wire balls during cleaning to avoid scratches. Also avoid using hard objects, such as steel spoons, to avoid damage.

How to use your glass food container correctly