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Is the double glass insulated

Pulished on Jan. 02, 2020

Double-wall  Borosilicate Glassware factory

What is a double glass 

It is understood that glass can be divided into single-layer glass, double-layer glass, crystal glass, glass office cup, 

glass mouth cup and so on. The double-layer glass, as its name implies, is divided into two layers at the time of making, 

which can be used to prevent heat insulation and ironing.

Its raw materials are high borosilicate glass, food grade catering grade glass, after more than 600 degrees of high temperature 

fired, usually made from high borosilicate glass tube, the size of the inner and outer tubes are baked by technicians under the sealing machine. 

Double-wall glass tea cup Borosilicate Glassware

Is the double glass insulated? 

The double-layer glass is mainly thermally insulated. Ice can also be preserved, many glass manufacturers 

have double-decked ice barrel settings. The vacuum double-layer cup is usually made by hand, the middle 

layer is not vacuum at all, there is an outlet hole in the outer layer of the cup, in order to exhaust the gas during

the blowing process to prevent the cup from deforming and cracking. seal the hole after the production is finished.

There's gas in the middle, and if it's vacuum, the cup will make a lot of noise after it's broken, and it will blow up the 

pieces of glass, which can easily hurt people.

Is the double glass insulated

Characteristics of Double Glass 

1.Materials: high-quality high-boron-silicon crystal glass pipe processing, high transparency, wear resistance,

  smooth surface, easy cleaning, health and hygiene; 

2.Structure: Cup double-layer insulation design, not only to maintain the temperature of tea soup, but also not hot,

    more convenient to drink; 

3.Process: after more than 600 degrees of high temperature fired, strong adaptability to temperature changes, not easy to burst; 

4. Hygiene: Food-grade standard, can hold 100 degrees high temperature hot water, tea, carbonic acid, fruit acid and other drinks, 

     resistant to the erosion of apple acid, no odour. 

5.Leakage prevention: the inner layer of the cup cover and sealing ring meet the safety standards of medical grade, effective leakage prevention; 

6.Suitable for drinking tea: green tea, black tea, Pu'er tea, scented tea, craft scented tea, fruit tea, etc. 

China Double-wall Borosilicate Glass

Is the double glass insulated

Is the double glass insulated