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Many batches of imported tableware are unqualified | Garbo glass tableware is very healthy

Pulished on Aug. 27, 2019

Many batches of imported tableware are unqualified.

Recently, many batches of imported tableware were found to have seriously exceeded the standard of heavy metals when entering Guangzhou. One batch of stainless steel pot shovels imported from Czech Republic detected that the amount of chromium dissolved out exceeded the standard by 7.5 times. However, 75% of the heavy metal chromium and evaporation residue in 8,900 kitchen utensils imported from South Korea were found to exceed the standard. Experts pointed out that the main reason for the excessive amount of heavy metal dissolved out may be the use of unqualified raw materials or the imperfect manufacturing process, or the importer ignores the difference between the national standards of the country of origin and China. In any case, "import" is no small matter and must believe in authority.

opal glassware glass tableware

A few days ago, the Wujin Office of Changzhou Inspection Bureau found that the tableware imported by an enterprise did not meet the requirements of relevant laws and regulations in our country. The inspection and quarantine department immediately requested the company to make rectification. Recently, Changzhou has detected two batches of imported unqualified tableware, involving an amount of 15,000 euros.

It is understood that this batch of tableware is porcelain coffee cups imported from Germany. The inspectors found that no Chinese label was attached during the inspection process and immediately requested the enterprise to make rectification. Now the rectification has been completed and the tableware has been sold.

The inspection and quarantine department reminded relevant enterprises that starting from April 2017, China will successively implement 53 national food safety standards such as "National Food Safety Standards, General Safety Requirements for Food Contact Materials and Products", and the product standards cover 10 categories of products such as pacifiers, enamel products, ceramic products and glass products. At that time, China's new standard system for food contact materials and products will have corresponding requirements and regulations in terms of raw materials, additives, products, production standards and testing methods. At the same time, the new standard has drawn up a list of permitted substances for resin, coating and rubber, and has stipulated the use requirements such as maximum residual quantity, specific migration quantity, etc., and has also increased the requirements for product labeling. Therefore, the inspection and quarantine department suggests relevant enterprises to study the new regulations and policies carefully to ensure the compliance of production and sales of products.

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Glass Tableware Made by Garbo Is Healthy

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