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Teach you how to use personalized whiskey glass decanter correctly

Pulished on Dec. 12, 2018

Though you don't necessarily need a personalized glass decanter to taste whiskey, newer whiskeys are more round after decanting and older whiskeys will taste much better. Therefore, those people who love whiskey should definitely try it. At this point, it is necessary to choose a suitable whiskey glass decanter.

Teach you how to use personalized whiskey glass decanter correctly

How to choose a glass decanter?

There are not many secrets to choosing a personalized whiskey glass decanter, the simple secret is that the glass decanter easy to hold when using.

No matter how the external shape of the glass decanter changes, it can be roughly divided into two types: the old whiskey glass decanter and the new whiskey glass decanter. The difference between them is the size of the neck and bottom.

old personalized whiskey decanter

The main reasons to use old personalized whiskey decanter is decanting (removal of the residue), and release the closed aroma, to make the whiskey more drinkable.

Older whiskeys are usually more delicate, need limited contact with air, its body usually in a ball shape.

See the above picture, the neck is long and thin, and the bottom is small, which makes the area of contact between the whiskey and air is small. When pouring whiskey, the whiskey flows down the bottle wall in a straight line.

newly personalized whiskey decanter

Generally, its mouth is enlarged, the bottleneck is short and thick, and the bottle belly is flatter and wider. In order to expose new whiskey to more air, oxidation is more complete, so as to speed up the softening of tannins and release the enclosed aroma. This process is commonly known as Breathing.

See the above picture, the neck is thick and the bottom is wide, which can make the whiskey contact the air to the greatest extent. Moreover, when the whiskey flows down the vessel wall, it is flowing down the vessel wall in a swirling shape, which increases the contact area with the air and extends the contact time with the air.

How to take care of the glass decanter

After using the glass decanter, it’s better not to leave the whiskey inside, we suggest to use water to wash thoroughly in time, otherwise, it will leave whiskey stain in the glass decanter body.

If there are whiskey stains that cannot be removed from the crystal personalized glass decanter, you could add alcohol, vinegar, and kosher salt and shake hard before cleaning. If you're using crystal glass or glass decanter, you could use a deformable special cleaner, or pour the steel ball, which is especially for cleaning the glass decanter, fill with water into the glass decanter, and shake until the stain disappears. If there is no special steel ball, use dried red beans or mung beans as a cleaning tool, it can achieve the same effect.