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Ramadan gifts recommended by glass suppliers

Pulished on Jan. 31, 2024

Ramadan is one of the most important months of the year for Islam. To welcome this special day, people will carry out a series of special religious ceremonies and celebrations. For example, sending gifts to each other has become a tradition. There are various kinds of gifts, but the most important thing is the thoughtfulness.

A glass can also be a gift choice during Ramadan. So what’s so special about these glass cups? Please read on.

Different regions have different cultural customs. If you want the products produced by the factory to sell well in a certain region, you must meet the local aesthetic requirements. For example, if you want to use a glass cup as a gift during Ramadan, the design of the cup must conform to the aesthetic tradition of the Muslim community. Here are a few glass products made in our own glass factory for wholesale that are suitable for Ramadhan gifts.

1st Belgium Hot Selling Ramadan Gift 12pcs Morroco Tea Glass

Ramadan gift morrocan tea glass

The decal design of this Moroccan tea glass cup is very consistent with the Muslim style, and it was deeply loved by consumers as soon as it was interviewed. The light cup is made of high-quality white material. It is crystal clear and shaped like a rock. It is also called a rock cup. Equipped with an exotic decal design, this ordinary glass of wine is suitable as a gift for relatives and friends. Whether you are spending Ramadan with your family or sharing refreshments with friends, this mug is a great choice

2nd one is also a Moroccan tea cup. 

Glass Teacup

Moroccan tea is a specialty drink from the Middle East, and a Moroccan glass teacup is one of the best companions for this drink. These tea cups have a strong Middle Eastern style and unique and creative designs. They feature exquisite patterns and unique shapes that are eye-catching. In the Middle East, Moroccan tea cups have become a cultural symbol, representing local history and cultural heritage. So, if you want to give a meaningful gift to a friend or relative in the Middle East, a Moroccan tea cup is the perfect choice.

3rd model is the cawa cup, which is mainly sold in Middle Eastern countries such as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Dubai. 

glass cawa cup

The Cawa cup is an earthenware cup from the Middle East, usually used to hold beverages such as Arabic coffee or black tea. The market trend is changing rapidly, and more and more customers like glass cawa cups. Although glass is a colorless and transparent material, we can do some post-processing on the glass, and the appearance can also be similar to ceramic cawa. The practicality and appearance of glass cawa cups are not inferior to those of ceramic cawa cups. Since you are giving a gift, not only the gift itself must be exquisite, but the box for the gift must also be exquisite. "Gold and jade on the outside are covered with lint" is not suitable for gift-giving.

As a professional glass supplier with 31 years of experience, we have served thousands of customers and we know what glass products are hot on the market and where different glass products are produced. And how to find the glass that customers want according to their needs. If you want cheap glass products, machine-produced ones are the first choice. If you want more exquisite and diverse designs, we recommend artificially produced products. We wholesale glass products, but we also accept them. Small quantity orders for styles. If none of the above products meet your requirements for choosing Ramadan gifts, please leave a message.