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Top-selling Drinking Glass Cups Manufactured in China for Ramadan 2024

Pulished on Jan. 04, 2024

Ramadan holds immense significance for Muslims worldwide. People will hold a lot of activities to celebrate this special day. Before Ramadan, every household will purchase daily necessities. Drinking glass cups are one of the most common daily necessities and people have huge demand for them during this period.

As a leading drinking glass cups manufacturer in China, we have supplied a variety if glassware items to meet the client’s need. For some wholesale clients, they stared to place the order for the household used glassware from us in June,even earlier, 2023. The hot selling glassware items for Ramadan include the drinking glass cups, the glass candy pot,cake plates, opal glass diner sets etc.

So far, our clients have placed the order of more than 180 containers for the daily used glassware items from us. Among so many categories of daily glassware items, the drinking glass cups are the most purchased by our clients, which is more than 120 containers. We have sorted out several top-selling drinking glass cups for Ramadan 2024. Lets’ have a look for them.

1) Glass Teacup with Saucer Sets

These glass teacups sets are our classic designs. These teacups are the 4-mixing molds, the clients can have four designs in one container. With embossed design, the glass teacups looks quite good. And these cups are high white transparency, quite bright appearance. The high white quality glass tea cups help to showcase the tea inside the cup clearly, providing people with a delightful drinking experience.These glass teacups with saucers are hot selling always, especially during the Ramadan. Some of our clients can place a order for this type of glass teacup and saucer set of more than 5 to 10 containers for one time.

TZ-GB09D0103DXD TZ-GB09D0103RB TZ-GB09D0103CZ (8).jpg

Besides, we have created a new series of this type of glass teacups, there are 12 designs totally. We showcased our new design teacups in Canton Fair in October, 2023, which attracts a lot of inquiries from many customers. During the Autumn Canton Fair, some customers have confirmed the order for these glass teacups to us, which is around 15 containers. It can be concluded that these glass teacups are quite hot selling among our customers. And the customers told us that they ordered these drinking glass cups for Ramadan promotion.


2) Bamboo Shape Glass Teacups Set

The bamboo shape glass teacups have become one of the top-selling glass cup since 2022. We have exported many containers for this glass cup to our customers worldwide, such as France, Belgium, Germany, America, Algeria, Morocco, etc. Many clients place the order for this tea drinking glass for Ramadan celebrations. For this glass cup, we support many designs for our clients’ selection. Not only do we supply the clear glass cup, we also supply many post-processing designs teacups, including the color spraying, electroplating, decal printing etc.

Drinking glass teacup manufactured in China, the quality is guaranteed. The design for this bamboo shape glass teacup is also very nice, which is praised by many customers. Our clients keep regular orders for this glass cup except the Ramadan as well. If you are looking for the tea glass cups for Ramadan promotion, this item can be a great idea for you.

 GB048105 (6).jpg

3) Engraved Design Glass Cup

Engraved design glass cup is also a type of hot selling glassware all round the world. It is also a great idea to purchase the engraved design drinking glass cup series for Ramadan promotion. For the engraved glassware series, there are many designs for options, and we create many new designs each year. In 2023, our company have launched more than 60 new texture designs, which are popular among many markets. Many of our clients from the Middle East area place the order for our engraved design glass tumbler annually, and we ship more than 150+ containers for this type of drinking glass cups each year to our customers from this area. One of our Saudi Arabia clients can purchase 8 containers of engraved glass cups from us at one time for Ramadan promotions.

 GB040914MQ-MJ GB040914FK GB040912QX-2 (8).jpg

In addition to the above glass cups, we have many other glass cups as well, which is also very hot selling for Ramadan. If you have any requirement, welcome to contact us any time for more details. We are at your services all the time!