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Review of glassware manufacturing experts: The best double wall glass for the caffeine addict

Pulished on Apr. 24, 2022

Hello, this is Sam from Garbo, some Chinese secrets  I'm here to share a mini-review of my favorite coffee mug. It is the Garbo double wall glass when I did this review of my favorite arrow press accessory theGB510130305 the fine people at double wall glass also sent me a prototype of the HZD so full disclosure this mug was given to me free to test and to review, but they didn't muzzle me and I could say what I want but Sam why should I trust you.

Great question! long before the Garbo double wall glass mug ever existed I've been a huge fan of drinking from these double-walled borosilicate glass mugs case in point, I've got a fleet of 18 of these Garbo glass mugs, I've likely broken more glass mugs like this than most people own, so above being a caffeine addict and drinking a lot of coffee I know these double wall glass mug really well.

So Sam why do you choose to drink from a glass mug there's like this Washington Post article that we have a link to below that says that drinking from a white mug makes your coffee stronger or they don't taste more bitter at least, well, that's true but that same article in The Washington Post also says that drinking from a clear mug makes your coffee taste sweeter and for this guy's sweet tooth that is probably. 

Why I was drawn to drinking from double wall glass wasn't first to introduce this type of mug to the market and probably the most popular one is made by Garbo glassware-China's largest borosilicate drinking glasses supplier we have a huge lineup of borosilicate double walled glass mugs, let's take a look at how the Garbo double wall glass mug compares to the bottom HZD's that I know and love so well both of, they are made out of borosilicate glass and that's the same glass that we use in laboratory glassware(the difference between tempered glass and borosilicate glass).

Why is this so good? One it can withstand thermal shock and that means you could have like a super hot liquid on one side of the glass , we could have like ice-cold liquid on the other side of the glass and it won't shatter on us, the second thing is that is pretty good for chemical resistance it's easy to clean and they make it microwave and top rack dishwasher safe. These are just any borosilicate glass mugs but they're double walled or glass mugs and that means there's insulation in there to keep your beverage hotter or colder depending what temperatures started at being insulated also means it doesn't sweat there's not going to be condensation running down and ruining your tabletop.

 The GB510130305 and the modems also have just a wonderful workmanship they're smooth on all edges and you've got this great lip feel, because of the folded edge of the insulated glass as well ok. So they're last enough about the similarities how are these differ and what makes the GB510130305 so special there's two things that sets the GB510130305 above and beyond the competition, the first thing is that it's got a much wider base at the bottom, the teardrop shape of the Pahlavi nough is beautiful, but it also makes it a little bit tippy especially. When you're looking at the larger glasses like this 15 ounce I've literally cracked the glass when it tipped over and it just literally just cracked the lip , I was so sad well the wider base of the GB510130305 makes it much more stable and extra bonus especially for people who love the Aeropress this makes it the perfect cup to press a single cup of coffee into love, the second thing that sets it apart and is pretty obvious is the handle and this matters a lot more than you would think it would matter because a lot of the ways that have broken these favino glasses is not when I'm actually drinking it but it's when I'm washing them in the sink , even though they do say they're dishwasher safe on the top rack I hand wash all of my glass,but when you put soap on this it becomes extremely slick with the GB510130305 it's got this handle which gives you great stability and super tip even when you're washing it in the sink I would recommend holding it by the handle so that you don't break more glass like I have now.

 What are the cons?  One thing is that it only comes in this 11 ounce size now the Pahlavi nough comes in a whole range of sizes from little tiny shot glasses that we own to this 12 inch, which is a good standard size to like you know giant 15 ounce cups, but it's a good compromise for size . I do wish that they will make a bigger one for my tea addiction that I've started as well the second con really isn't the fault of the GB510130305 but it's just glass breaks, it's fragile but we knew that going in so real the easy solution by multiple cups like me, I'm not really kidding so that's the GB510130305 by double wall glass it's elegant it's functional and it's a great quality.