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The brief process for making ceramic ware

Pulished on Aug. 15, 2019

The brief process for making ceramic ware

Porcelain was invented by the Chinese, which is well known.

The pottery is dried with mud (clay) and burned out with fire. It is the crystal of mud and fire.The invention of pottery is an important process of human civilization--the first time that human beings have used natural objects and created new things according to their own will. 

The successful firing of white pottery has played a very important role in the transition from pottery to porcelain.

The invention of porcelain is based on the continuous development and improvement of pottery technology.  The white pottery of the Shang Dynasty used porcelain clay (kaolin) as raw material, and the firing temperature was above 1000 °C, which was the basis of the original porcelain.

Ceramics is not only an indispensable commodity in our daily life, but also the main tableware, tea sets and containers used by Chinese people for thousands of years. It is also an important product for interior decoration.

I believe that many of us are very interested in how to make ceramics. Here is a brief description of the ceramics production process and process:

First step, find the fine mud (kaolin), and then pouring water into it, knead into mud. This is called kneading mud.


The purpose of kneading mud is to remove the air bubbles of the mud, so that the mud will become more cohesive and tightened. In the absence of this process, it is easy to cause bubbles in the white body of ceramic products, and the white body is easily broken and deformed when it is dried and fired.


Do blank model, that is mean to based on the final shape to make a roughly corresponding blank model, for later bulk product production.


hand-pressing. After finished the rough white blank, and a certain period of natural dryness, it  can go to the hand pressing process. 

This process of hand-pressing is to make the hand-shaped products uniform after firing. After the blank body to be manually drawn is naturally dried, the semi-dry body is placed on the earthen abrasive tool to be manually pressed, so that the body is evenly knotted. Through thick printed blank after the grievance process, specification missing after two rotating rough cut blanks, the products would be in appropriate thickness, the same table. 


The billet, is to finishing theafter- hand-pressing products, so that it’s surface would be further smooth and round.

In this way, there will be a basic style of ceramics.