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The difference between glass cup and crystal cup.

Pulished on Aug. 06, 2019

There are a variety of wine cups on the market, and how to choose them?

Not only glass shape but also glass material are important. And materials of wine glass can be glass cup and crystal cup. What is the difference between them? Let me tell you.

Ordinary glass wine cups are thicker and stout, the edges of the cups will be reinforced, which can not improve the wine tasting enjoyments.

Glass wine cups are usually cheaper. The main component of glass is silica, the molecules of this substance are not easily chemically reacted with other substances. They are inert materials and the glass is not gas permeable. Therefore, when cleaning with a cup washer, it is not easy to leave the aromatic components in the detergent or Corroded by detergent. The high borosilicate glass wine cup is a high-grade glass with durability, heat resistance and scratch resistance.

The material of crystal cups are not crystal. They are made by adding 2-30% minerals to the glass .this mineral is usually called lead, which is used to strengthen the glass, making glass cups are both thin and durable.

Crystal wine cups are more precisely described as lead or mineral cups.

It sounds extremely clear when clinked because their cup walls are thin and stout. Leaded crystal wine cups are excellent in refracting light and are more translucent and clear when viewing alcohol.

There is a kind of crystal wine cups on the market used magnesium and zinc instead of lead, which is not only contained advantages of crystal glasses but also dishwasher safe.

Both lead and lead-free crystal glasses are high quality. It should be noted that most crystal glasses contain lead, but it can not dissolve the lead from the glass when you use this glass for drinking. The reason is that the time between the wine stay in contact with the glasses is not enough, unless you put it in a crystal lead glass or decanter for storage for more than a week.

It is possible that different mineral content from different factory between crystal wine glasses. For instance, Uk requires 24% mineral or more in crystal glass, while The USA pays less attention to it. So it is depending on the description of the manufacturer.

At the last, the choice between glass cups and crystal cups depends on personal needs. To choose lead-fee crystal cups if you do not like to clean the cups by yourself. If you always break things and have children or pets, it is best to use cheap glass cups.

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