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The difference between Lead-free Crystal Glass and Lead Crystal Glass

Pulished on Jun. 12, 2019

Crystal glassware from Europe, the main origin for Western Europe of Germany, France, Italy and eastern Europe of the Czech republic, Hungary, etc., each has its own characteristics. Crystal glass is made of silicon and lead oxide boiled together. Every factory has its own secret recipe to make crystal especially shining. Clarity depends on polishing technology and quality.

At present, there are two kinds of crystal glasses in circulation: lead-free crystal glass and lead crystal glass. The former generally contains potassium, mostly high-grade handicrafts and marks on the outer package; The latter contained 24 percent lead oxide in crystal glassware, commonly found in supermarkets and street stalls. Using Lead crystal glass cup to hold alcoholic drinks, colas, honey and fruit juices containing fruit acids and other acidic drinks in daily life, Lead ions may form soluble lead salts that are ingested by the human body in beverages or foods, seriously endangering health.

The advantage of leaded glass is heavier, textured, more transparent, clear and bright; The downside is softer, easier to grind, so not necessarily more lead. At the same time, modern people pay more and more attention to environmental protection, the production of crystal glass also infiltration of environmental protection elements. Newly introduced lead - free and barium - free crystal glass, very elastic and special crystal clear, the safety level is more than one times the general crystal glass. Lead crystal glass has a high refractive index, large dispersion, high density, and thick texture. When struck, the sound of metal is heard, and the sound is lingering around the beam. It is beautiful and pleasant with a long history.

Crystal glass products are very fine workmanship, its brilliant crystal light, streamline design, crystal texture and sound for your vision, hearing, taste, touch sense brings great joy. You can buy as a decoration, but also as a number of daily supplies, become a good helper in life. If prepare a multicoloured champagne cup, have coloured drawing, transparent, still have monochrome, use it in summer on a cup of juice, affirmation is from the heart outwards thoroughly catch cold. You still can prepare the transparent condiment bottle that a few intention alone rhyme, tall short, fat thin thin, although do not install condiment to make adornment only very attractive also. There are still incense filled with incense bottles, full of romantic glass candlestick, reflecting the warmth of the Japanese sake pot...... Will keep your summer cool and romantic.

Whether it is crystal or crystal glass, is very suitable for home decoration and gifts of good material. Generally speaking, the price of crystal will be relatively expensive, the current market to sell high quality crystal glass brand SWAROVSKI. And crystal glass is glittering and translucent get rid of crystal material is qualitative, but relatively lower price, is a good choice belongs to the daily necessities and gifts, domestic sales of crystal and crystal glass usually have a large department store, sell one-stop household goods online mall.