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The difference between white wine glass and red wine glass

Pulished on Sep. 18, 2019

The extent to which wine is in contact with the air is directly related to whether the drinker can enjoy this wine better. In general, wine glass manufacturers specialize in the production of red wine glasses, white wine glasses and champagne flute cups according to the different types of wine and the different requirements for oxidation and serving temperature. Choosing a suitable wine glass will enhance the wine's visual appeal and the aroma and taste. Here are some of the differences between white wine glasses and red wine glasses.

The difference between white wine glass and red wine glass

1, the various parts of the wine glass

Each wine glass consists of three parts, a cup, a cup and a cup. The type of wine determines which type of wine glass should be used. Red wine glasses and white wine glasses generally have different cups and cups. When starting to serve, be sure to grab the cup to avoid fingerprints on the cup. When drinking wine, you can decide whether to hold the cup or the cup according to the specific temperature.

2, red wine glasses

During the brewing of red wine, red grapes are pressed with skin. Some red grape varieties look red, but more varieties show a blue hue. Since most of the grape flesh is cyan, the skin press can add polyphenols and tannins to the wine, giving the red wine the color and structure it deserves. If the red wine is exposed to the air for a long time, it will help to eliminate the sensation of tannins, giving the wine a soft and full flavor and aroma.

A red wine glass can bring the wine into contact with more oxygen. They also have a wider cup mouth and a shorter, rounder body that allows the wine to reach the air more widely. The cup of red wine is usually longer, so that the taster can shake the wine and oxidize it before drinking. The action of shaking the glass can release the aroma of the wine, allowing the taster to smell a more complex aroma.

The sweeter taste and aroma of red wines can be noticeable in warmer environments, but if you drink red wine at higher temperatures, the wine will give you an unpleasant feeling. After removing the red wine from the low temperature wine cellar, you can wake up for 20 minutes. You can also hold the glass of the red wine glass to increase the temperature of the wine. Red wine is best served between 10 and 15 degrees Celsius.

3, white wine glass

White wine does not need to be oxidized like red wine. Since white wine does not have tannins in red wine, white wine tastes sweeter and lighter. This flavor is best enjoyed after cooling down, and the temperature around 7 degrees Celsius is just right. The lower temperature will reduce the aroma of the wine and the richness of the taste, so the cup of the white wine glass will be smaller and narrower to reduce the exposure of the wine to the air. Since the ice temperature of the white wine is to be guaranteed, the wine glass needs a thicker and thicker cup to facilitate the taste holder.