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The different types of beer glasses you need to know

Pulished on Dec. 27, 2018


Many people may think that to drink beer with its original bottle is cool, but not all beers are suitable for booze. Some beers need to tasting. The color, foam, aroma and taste of beer are important factors in evaluating the quality of a beer. Different shapes of beer mugs will be different for the impact the beer taste. Therefore, there are many different types for beer mugs . Different types of beer mugs are suitable for different types of beer. So, what are the common beer mugs we need to know? How To Choose Right Beer Glass

Generally speaking, the thickness of the glass, the size of the bottom of the glass, whether there is a handle or not, whether the mouth of the glass bends inward or outward, the body of the glass is thin or chunky, each of these factors can affect the flavor of beer.For example, a thick beer mug is better insulated and the liquid is less likely to be heated up.It is easier to observe the color of beer in a glass with a small bottom;A glass with the rim turned out tends to hold the foam better;A wine glass with an inward-facing rim is more likely to absorb the flavor of the beer.The elongated glass helps to observe the bubbles that rise in beer...

There are also some glasses also have ingenious designs, such as wavy lines, that add a bit of optical effect to the beer itself; If it is a large glass without handle, there will also be non-slip design, a curved body, to make it safe to hold.

1.Beer mug

beer mug.png

The Beer Mug is the most widely used for drinking beer in the world. It is characterized by large, heavy, thick, and with a handle.The beer mug is unusually thick and strong. When you hit the cup, you can rest assured that the wine will not heat up so fast. Germany has a cup called Stein, which is also a beer cup, but with a lid to prevent mosquitoes or leaves from entering the cup when drinking outdoors.

2.Pilsner glass cup

2.Pilsner glass cup.png

Pilsner glass cup is the most widely used beer glass after beer mug glass. It is usually thin and long, with a large mouth and a small bottom and a thin glass wall. Because it emphasises the clear colour and bubbling of the pilsen, its slim, thin glass shape is just suit for this request. In addition, the wide rim is designed to better preserve the foam layer at the top of the wine.

3.Pint glass cup

pint glass cup.jpg

Pint glass cup is cheap and easy to buy. The pint cups are used in general bars, is easy storage and cleaning. The shape of the pint cup is approximately cylindrical and has a slight vertebral trait,the mouth of the cup will be slightly larger than bottom. Actually, Pint is a unit of measurement, with 1 UK pint is about 0.57L and 1 US pint is about 0.47L.

4.Flute glass cup

flute glass cup.jpeg

The Flute Glass Cup is somewhat like the slender and slim goblet of Champagne. Its long and narrow shape makes it possible to stir up enough foam when pouring beer, and the bubbles can be better displayed. In addition, if the beer is clear and bright, it will look very beautiful. It is a wine glass that emphasizes visual effects. In addition, the high-profile design also prevents the palm from touching the cup to warm the beer. This wine glass is mainly suitable for the translucent golden yellow pastel Aier and Pearson beer.

5.Holy Grail Goblet

Goblet cup.jpeg

The Goblet is characterized by a large opening mouth, shallow depth, flat bottom, thick cup wall, and foot. And many holy grails have a metal edge on the cup, which makes it looks great magnificent . This type of cup was used to hold the holy water, so some people call it the "flame cup." The Holy Grail is mainly to highlight the foam of the beer, so the foam is rich (the foam has at least two fingers wide thickness) to use this type of cup.

6.Stange Glass Cup

Stange glass.jpg

The stange glass cup originated in Germany, it is a thin and long cylinder. This glass can observe the bubbling of bubbles inside the beer. The beer with a clear color is very nice to look inside and drink well.

7.Weizen Beer Glass Cup

7.Weizen Beer Glass Cup.png

The Weizen beer glass cup was originally born for wheat beer. Its shape is somewhat similar to the Pilsner glass cup, but the Weizen beer glass cup usually has a waist design. It is characterized by slenderness, narrow bottom, wide head, and closed opening, emphasizes the cloud appearance and color of the wheat beer itself. The head width is to allow more foam to remain on, and the closure is to retain the unique fruit fragrance of wheat beer.