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The magical use of the glass cup except for water?

Pulished on Apr. 12, 2019

What is the magical use of the glass cup except for water?

In our daily life, the most common use of the glassware is to drink water right? But today, I am going to tell you the other magical use of it. Please see below.

The magical use of the glass cup except for water?cid=3


The sound is generated by the vibration of the sounding body when the vibration stops, the sound is stopped. Tap the month of the glass cup with a chopstick gently, you will hear a crisp, sweet sound. The glassware will not make a sound when you stop to hit it.

The tone of the sound is subject to the length of the sounding body. Put different amounts of water in several identical glasses to make the water surface different. When you tap the different glass mouths with chopsticks, you will have a wonderful "music" with different tones.

A way to judge the quality of bowls, cups, plates is by the sounds. For example, to use two glasses with different thickness, tap the cuffs with the chopsticks and you will find that the sounds of the two cups are different. 

The magical use of the glass cup except for water?cid=3


Put a glass cup filled with water under the sun, you will find a colorful band on the back. That explains the dispersion of light.

How can you explain that light refracts when it enters the water from the air? Put a coin in the glass and the person will retreat until the coin was out of sight, then add water to the glass. As the number of water increases, he will see the "coin". 

Looking through a glass of water at an object on the other side, you will feel the opposite object magnified. It shows that the glass of water is equivalent to a magnifying glass, which can be an erect, magnified virtual image.

The magical use of the glass cup except for water?cid=3


Water vapor in the air is liquefied when cooled. In summer, put a Popsicle in a glass tumbler and stay in the air for a while. 

Drop several inks in the cold and hot water in 2 identical glassware, the red ink in the hot cup spread quickly. We will know that the higher the temperature, the faster the diffusion process, and the irregular movement of molecules is fierce.

The above is just several apart that I want to tell you. Please pay attention to our web, we will update the news for you.