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The most important reason to choose solid color glass cup

Pulished on Sep. 29, 2019

Many people like colorful products, and so do glasses.Colorful glasses will add a lot of fun to our life. But at the same time, many people is wondering that:

To put hot water in a colored glass, will there be toxins precipitated?

The most important reason to choose solid color glass cup

1 Most of the household glassware sold in the market is transparent, and the colored glassware that we can see on the market is basically divided into sprayed color glasses and solid color glasses.

As the name suggests, sprayed glass is the color sprayed on the glass. It will be easy to paint after a long time; the color glass is the color of the glass itself~

2 What is the difference between color glass and spray glass?

The most important reason to choose solid color glass cup

The most important reason to choose solid color glass cup

The so-called solid color glass is mainly used to integrate color and glass through the material coloring technology and organic raw materials. The beautiful glass blocks and embossed glass lamps that are popular in Europe, the Middle East and South America are all made in this way.

The coloring glass uses a water-based organic coating, which combines organic raw materials and glass liquid through preheating, melting and stirring. This sounds simple coloring process, which is extremely demanding on professional technology and equipment, which is why many small factories cannot making these kind of excellent solid color glasses. 

3 It is much easier to answer the questions at the beginning: Does it all colorful glasses are not safe? The answer is no. The solid color glass will not!

Ordinary glass is smelted together with quartz sand, soda ash and limestone. It is a mixture of silicates that are not fixed. As for the coloring glass, is added with cobalt (Co), manganese (Mn), nickel (Ni), iron (Fe), copper(Cu) in the silicate during smelting. These compounds exist in the ionic state in the glass silicates, and their valence electrons transition between different energy levels (ground state and excited state), causing selective absorption of visible light, such as cobalt blue and manganese. Purple, nickel green and other color glass.

Although these added transition metal elements exist in ionic form, these ions are not easily decomposed, and these ions form a tetracoordinate or hexacoordinate complex in the glass with the silicate oxygen, which is very stable. Therefore, the heavy metal ions of the color material glass will not be decomposed by the boiling water of 100 ° C... In short, the color material and the raw liquid of the color material glass are melted together, and will not be resolved due to the high temperature!

4 Finally, the questions you care about most come:

How to distinguish between sprayed glass and color glass?

The most important reason to choose solid color glass cup

STEP 1 Look! Look at the bottom of the cup and the color of the cup. The color of the spray will be uneven and the color will be uniform and transparent.

STEP 2 Use a hard object to scrape the surface of the object. The color of the spray will fall off the paint, and the color will not be.