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Garbo Glassware National Holiday Notice

Pulished on Sep. 29, 2019

Garbo Glassware National Holiday Notice

Dear Customers,

China National Day is coming, and Garbo Glassware will be on holiday from Oct.1-Oct.7,2019.

We are sincerely appologize if cause your  inconvenience during these period. 

Here Let's introduce our motherland-China briefly. 

The people's Republic of China, that is, China, is located in eastern Asia and the west coast of the Pacific Ocean. 

The land area is about 9.6 million square kilometers, the coastline of the eastern and southern continents is more than 18000 kilometers, 

and the waters of the inland and border seas are about 4.7 million square kilometers. There are more than 7600 large and small islands, 

of which Taiwan Island is the largest, with an area of 35798 square kilometers. China borders 14 countries and 8 countries at sea. 

The provincial administrative division is 4 municipalities directly under the Central Government, 23 provinces, 5 autonomous regions, 

2 special administrative regions, the capital Beijing.

Garbo Glassware National Holiday Notice