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Pulished on Jan. 09, 2020

First you need to check if the bottom of the glass vase bottle is stable. Placing the vase on a flat surface and touch it with your hand gently to check whether it shakes or not.

The using tips for glass vase

Seconde, to check if the color of the glass vase is uniform. Specially paying attention to colored vases for this point.It will looks more beautiful for uniform color glass vase.

The using tips for glass vase

For the third important point,It is necessary to check whether there are large black particles and bubble on the surface of the vase . If the size of the particles is very small is acceptable, but If it is larger than 5mm, you can contact the seller to make a proposal for product replacement .

The last important point is to check the rim of the glass vase,because some rim of glass vases are not smooth and uneven.It is easy to be hurt by this disadvantage.

The using tips for glass vase

Many people like to place potted plants at home to make a natural environment for their home. If you can match a unique vase, not only the plants inside can bring a bit of green to your place but the vase itself can also be used as a small decoration for your home. Therefore, the choice of vases is very important. Glass vases, ceramic vases, and colored vases each have their own styles. The most important thing is that the decoration of the vases must be consistent with the surrounding environment to create a vibrant atmosphere.

Modern glass vases are suitable to be placed next to the sofa or fireplaces in the living room, on book shelves and in decorative cabinets. The other item and glass vase decorate each other that makes your life better.

The living room is a place for family and friends to get together. You can choose some bright colored vases to bring a warm atmosphere to the living room. The bouquet can be appropriately large so that people can be attracted at the first sight when they enter into living room. And the fragrance of the flowers will be pleasing to people.

The dining table is a place for everyone to eat and communicate with each other. The height of the glass vase should not be too high, otherwise it will affect everyone's sight and eye communication. The glass vase should be placed on the center of the table so that everyone can enjoy the flowers while eating.