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Three methods to prevent glass from cracking

Pulished on Aug. 15, 2019


Three methods to prevent glass from cracking

In our daily life, we often encounter the problem of glass cracking, which makes us caught off guard. Why glass cup will be broken with hot water?We do not know how to prevent the glass from breaking, especially when it is cold.The temperature difference is big, when boiling water and poured into the glass, It is also easy to burn people the heat is uneven. Today, we teaches you a few ways to prevent the glass from cracking, hoping to help you.

1. Choose a heat-resistant glass cup.

When we choose to buy, we have to choose the glass of heat-resistant material, because their hot expansion rate is large, the material is different, so it is not easy to burst. To buy products of good quality, they have the function of preventing cracking.

2. Put a spoon

Put an iron spoon or stainless steel spoon in the cup, and then pour the boiling water into the cup slowly. So the cup won't burst. This is because when boiling water is poured into the bottom of the cup, before it is too late to heat the glass (hot bad conductor), boiling water will distribute part of the heat to the metal teaspoon of the good conductor, so the temperature of boiling water is reduced, and it changes from boiling water to hot water, which has nothing to do with the glass. As for the boiling water that continues to be poured in, it is no longer so terrible for the cup, which is already a little hot.

3. Cook in boiling water

To prevent the glass from breaking, you can also boil the glass in water for 10 minutes. When the glass is evenly heated, it will not produce strong pressure, nor will it cause the cup to break, or you can rinse the cup with a little hot water before filling it, and then blow it up when pouring hot water. This method depends on what kind of glass is made, some materials are not suitable for boiling water.

Three methods to prevent glass from cracking

If you are very afraid that the glass will crack with hot water, you can choose borosilicate glass cup, Garbo Glass has been manufacturing and wholesale glassware for more than 20 years, and its borosilicate products can withstand high temperature.