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Tips for arranging flowers in glass vases

Pulished on Mar. 17, 2020

Flower arrangement , also known as flower arrangement art, is to put flowers in containers such as bottles, plates, pots, etc., instead of planting in these containers. The inserted flower materials, or branches, or flowers, or leaves, do not have roots, but are only part of the plant body. They are not randomly inserted, but are selected according to a certain concept, and follow certain creative rules. Form a beautiful body (modeling), which expresses a theme, conveys a kind of feeling and interest, makes people look good after seeing, and obtains spiritual beauty and happiness.

Tips for arranging flowers in glass vases

We all know that in life, we need decorations to decorate our home. Nowadays, many people choose to decorate with glass vases. The vases can be used as ornaments and flower arrangements directly. It is very cost-effective, so what are the precautions for arranging flowers in glass vases? Let's take a look together and make our house no longer monotonous.

Tips for arranging flowers in glass vases

[1] The vase is appropriated

A delicate vase for flower arrangement must first be a vase suitable for flowers. You must know that the posture color of each flower is different, so it is necessary to choose a proper vase for these flowers. Generally, if the flowers are straight lines, it is very suitable to choose a long and straight vase, and there are a large number of flowers, and large flowers are more suitable for vases with bulging belly. As for the flower arrangement of art, it needs corresponding properties or characteristics. vase.

Tips for arranging flowers in glass vases

[2] Suitable flowers

The flowers and materials from nature on the market are very abundant, but not all of them can be used as vase flower arrangements. And when choosing the flower material, in order to avoid the phenomenon of noise and color disorder, it is best not to choose more than three colors of flower material. The variety and quantity of modern and simple camellia flower materials should be streamlined, the flower colors should not be too complicated, and the number of rich and colorful flower arrangements can be more, but the colors should not be too messy.

glass vases

[3] Reasonable trim

The flowers you bought at home need to be properly trimmed before you can arrange flowers, but some friends have trimmed too much. Generally, a bottle of vase flower arrangement has a main body, and other glass flower vases are set off. Therefore, to highlight the main body, the main flower materials are generally the highest point and the widest point of the flower arrangement, and then the other The flowers are inserted nearby, so that the flower arrangement looks fuller, the mood is more distant, and the effect is better.

Tips for arranging flowers in glass vases

When arranging flowers, it is inseparable from the vase. So, how to choose a vase?

1. Post vase + leafy flowers

Suitable for: roses, lilies, sunflowers


The columnar vase can provide a concise and clear structure in the space, whether it is a column or a square column, as long as flowers of appropriate length can be inserted into it, such as long branches such as lilies and sunflowers. Especially the flowers with abundant leaves can create a sense of voluminous volume and also cover the rhizomes left in the glass vase.

Tips for arranging flowers in glass vases

2. Wide mouth vase + "thick branches and large leaves"

Suitable for: peach blossom, long branch rose, hydrangea


Any thick-stemmed flower is a good CP for a wide-mouth bottle, including those giant roses that are half a meter long or long hydrangeas. With wide-mouth bottles, it is easy to encounter the problem of scattered flowers and difficult to fix in the center, and adding pebbles to the vase can easily help shape.

Tips for arranging flowers in glass vases

3. Long vase with small mouth

Suitable for: magnolia, wicker, poppy


Our first impression of the vase is likely to come from this classic long bottle with the mouth closed. Because of the narrow mouth, a small number of twigs or a simple one or two can sculpt the shape. The flowers are too dense and easy to appear top-heavy. In addition, sprigs of magnolia and wicker are very beautiful if you play with them in a vase and put them on a cabinet, or you can use a single flower to create a floral level.

Tips for arranging flowers in glass vases

4. Round vase + short branch with big flowers

Suitable for: tulips, peony, roses, any bouquet


The round vase is full of flowers, such as tulips, orchids, and roses. The bouquet you receive can be inserted directly into it, avoiding re-layout. Remember to trim to the proper height for the vase. However, the mouth of the round vase is usually not too narrow, and the thicker rhizome flowers are easier to fix in it. Therefore, a slightly taller oval vase may be more practical, so that the flower branches do not need to be cut too short and they will not spread out so easily.


5. Small vase + twig flowers

Suitable for: violet, anemone, plumeria, various wild flowers

 Tips for arranging flowers in glass vases

The large vase can be placed on the living room table, and whether it is the bedside of the bedroom or the desk cabinet, a little flower embellishment is needed in these limited spaces to enhance the delicateness of the entire room. Small vases up to 20 cm in length are a good choice, as they often appear on coffee tables and are also called "coffee table vases".

Decorate your life with a bunch of flowers to make the whole space full of life and happiness. 

Tips for arranging flowers in glass vases