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Household glass is classified by usage

Pulished on Mar. 16, 2020

According to the usage of daily glassware is divided into tableware, bar glassware, drinking glassware, cookware, etc., among which tableware, 

bar glassware, drinking glassware are mostly based on the composition of soda lime glassware.


Transparent glassware requires a higher transparency and a certain gloss and certain color, color should be bright and lively, performance in 

the premise of meeting the use of beautiful and generous modelling, with a certain applicability.


Glassware is divided depend on daily usage:

(1) Various types of tableware such as bowls, plates, condiment bottles, plates, vases, and goblets.

(2) All kinds of wine goblets, long-necked corkscrew bottles, whisky glasses, etc.

(3) Water cup, water cup with handle, water tank with mouth, ice bucket, drink cup, cold water set, etc.

(4) Miscellaneous cosmetics utensils, storage vessels, ashtrays of various shapes, etc.

(5) The cookware can use open flame, heating and microwave heating glass vessels, such as daily open flame, heating and microwave heating 

glass vessels, such as coffee pot, coffee cup and saucer, frying pan, grill, baking dish, all kinds of fry pan and the lid of the cooking pot, induction 

cooker panel, gas burner, and liquefied petroleum gas stove panels, kitchen counters, etc.


Such glassware products more on the basis of soda lime glassware. For induction cooker panel with glass, generally choose high borosilicate 

glassware, has good thermal stability and low thermal expansion coefficient and high mechanical strength, on the cooking pot with glass with 

cover, generally use toughened technology enhance the mechanical strength of glass.

Household glass is classified by usage