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Tips for Checking the Quality of Chinese Glass

Pulished on Oct. 08, 2022

Tips for Checking the Quality of Chinese Glass


Are you worried about the quality that you plan to import the glass products from China? Yes, this is something you need to worry about and should learn more knowledge about the glassware. Fortunately, in this article, I wanna share some tips to check the quality level of a product to you, which will be discussed in detail below.

 Tips for Checking the Quality of Chinese Glass

1. Check the material level.

The material level of glassware are generally divided into 5 levels: green material, normal white, medium white, high white and super high white. Generally speaking, when you purchase the low price glassware product, you may get the green material or normal white material level glass products correspondingly. If you wanna know what material level you pay for, there is a simple tip that I wanna share with you.

First, you put a white paper on the table, then put the products on the paper, that you can check the material level through the reflected light and you can distinguish the material level very well.    This is our traditional method is to check which the product is a good material level or not.

There are multi-functions for the role of white paper. Sometimes there are some pits or bubbles in the glass that we are not easy to check. Fortunately, we can well know whether there are pits or bubbles in the glass products or not and whether we can accept the quality or not through this white paper.

Besides, what material level you pay for, the factory will provide you with quality accordingly. For some markets, like Brazil, Peru, Pakistan, India, Philippines and other countries, they can accept the normal white glass quality, because the price of this quality product is low, which can reach the consumption level of the local people.

Tips for Checking the Quality of Chinese Glass


2. Check the smooth of glass products.

For consumers, the glass products with good smooth can increase the happiness of their experience.

Garbo company is a biggest supplier with 30 years experience, we have great and rich knowledge of glass products, and we can provide you with very high quality products and know more knowledge of glassware, such as the tips to check whether the glass product is good quality or not.

For some suppliers who wanna save the cost, they will not be very careful in the polishing of the product. For example, there will be some scissors marks left on the cup, the logo will be over-polished, the corners of the handle will not be polished, which will make it easy to scratch your hands, and the mouth of the post-processed cup is not well polished, resulting in scraping of the mouth etc.. These are the terrible issues with the orders and customers experience.

Tips for Checking the Quality of Chinese Glass

3. Check the quality of post-processing products

For solid color glass products, no matter how long it is used, it will never be faded.

For spraying color glass products, the color will be faded away after a long time. Therefore, we cant use the cloth with friction to wipe it.

For golden rim products, the golden color will be faded away after a long time. The characteristics of gold are relatively soft, so we should use a soft cloth to wipe it, otherwise it will destroy the characteristics of gold and make the golden color fade away.

 Tips for Checking the Quality of Chinese Glass

The above are some tips on identifying the quality of glass products. If you have more ideas, please leave a message, and we will share the knowledge about glass together.