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What are the features of frosted glassware

Pulished on Feb. 20, 2019

The frosted glassware is a necessary part of people's life, glass styles are also diverse, frosted glass, also known as ground glass, dark glass, is a common flat glass after mechanical grinding, By hand grinding or hydrofluoric acid dissolution, the surface is treated as a uniform surface.

Due to its rough surface, it causes diffuse reflection of light, light transmission without perspective, can make the glass light soft, do not dazzle, and ordinary glass will appear particularly dazzling by the sun. The bottom of the grinding material can increase the roughness of contact area, increase the friction force, ensure the stability of grinding glass cup and avoid sliding.

What are the features of frosted glass 

The frosted glassware cover of the frosted glass cup is not easy to rust because of its high light film. Some frosted glass cups have also designed a hand rope, which makes it more beautiful and easy to carry.

The frosted glassware is relatively safe in the process of making, frosted glass cup, no chemicals are added to the firing process, while the ordinary plastic cup is made with plasticizers, which contain some toxic chemicals. When it is used in hot or boiling water, toxic chemicals are easily diluted in water, and long-term use can cause harm to the human body. The colored plastic cups, in particular, look good.

What are the features of frosted glass

What are the features of frosted glassware?

1. Adopt food grade sodium calcium environmental protection glass, surface treatment by encircling frosted material, and add to the cake, smooth and soft, good texture.

2.It has the strong mechanical strength, has the very strong performance to the rapid cooling rapid heat temperature change.

3.It’s easy to clean, and do not adsorb the taste of any drink.

4.It mainly suitable for brewed coffee and milk products, flower noodles are diversified, have a high appreciation, fun, not only enhance your life taste!

What are the features of frosted glass 

Glassware wholesale suppliers tell how to remove dirt from frosted glass cup?

1. Wipe the dirt on the inner wall of the glass cup with orange or toothpaste or vinegar, then rinse it out. This method is simple and effective.

2.Put soak in brine for 10 minutes, then dry with salt, and soon clean; if soaked in brine for a few hours, dirt will also fall off.

3. Because of the number of times tea is made, the cup wall is easy to accumulate a thick layer of tea dirt, sometimes this kind of tea dirt is not easy to clean. In fact, as long as the eggshell is crushed, put into the dirty cup or bottle to be cleaned, then drop in a few drops of vinegar, slowly shake, and then with a brush to wash, you can clean the parts that are not easy to clean.