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What kind of glass vase is suitable for home?

Pulished on Feb. 20, 2019

When many people buy vases, they will first look at the shape of the vase, and whether the color is their favorite. But many vases are too complicated, which will weaken the beauty of the flowers. However, our recommendation is to choose some transparent and simple vases. The simple texture of the glass will make the flower more beautiful and not too dazzling. And it will blend well with the room and become part of the room.

What kind of glass vase is suitable for home?

Glass vases should be chosen according to the space of the room, and the shape and size of the furniture. If the living room is small, you can't choose a vase with too much volume to avoid the feeling of being squeezed. You can use the "dot-like decoration method" to place delicate and exquisite vases in the appropriate position, which is just a decorative effect. The large space can choose a large vase, such as a half-man-high floor vase, or a glass vase with color drawing, which can make the decoration effect, making the room elegant and chic.

Crystal vases are more common, and they are used more in home life. Some exquisite crystal vases use some matte techniques to express complex patterns and increase the texture of crystal vases, even if they are placed separately. I don't feel lonely. Some transparent glass vases, which have not been drawn and painted, look very good looking and will become a beautiful ornament at home.

Waist shaped glass vases

The waist shaped glass vases mainly refers to the bottom volume of the vase is large enough, and the waist is closed at the position of the opening. It is more suitable for placing on the dining table, porch, front desk, desk, and other functional reasons.


1, large volume.

2, easy to carry.

3, the reason for the waist: a lot of flowers can be better fixed and presented.

Disadvantages: It is not good to clean the internal dirt. It needs to be taken care of.

What kind of glass vase is suitable for home?What kind of glass vase is suitable for home?

 Slim cylindric glass vases 

There are many slender vases in the furniture store. The vases in the picture can be purchased in the famous brand shops. The price is very low. It is a bottle of kitchen supplies and not a vase. When choosing a container, we don't need to buy too many containers, just to consider the effect of the container itself. As long as it is suitable for being at home, we can buy it home decisively at a reasonable price.

Advantages: Suitable for simple flower placement, easy to collect. Refreshing and simple.

Disadvantages: Do not put too many flowers, the volume is limited.

What kind of glass vase is suitable for home?

Elegant glass craft vases have neat lines. Each one has its own characteristics, exquisite and delicate, and the flowers looks extraordinarily decent. 

It is understood that these exquisite and sleek glass vase series combine luxury and modernity. And glass material creates more elegant table style.

Next, let’s appreciate some romantic and elegant glass craft vase:

What kind of glass vase is suitable for home?


When choosing a vase,  the vase should not be overweight. Otherwise it is not suitable for placement.