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What are the sources of gases in glass bubbles?

Pulished on May. 15, 2019

When we buy a glass cup, sometimes you will found there are bubbles inside the glass cup. Do you know why it happens? Today, we would like to share the main reasons as below in short:

Reason 1: The water vapor generated by the glass containing the moisture evaporated at high temperature.

Reason 2: The air and moisture contained in the glass feeding.

Reason 3: The gas generated by the decomposition of the glass product.

Reason 4: The glass feed system and the air stored in the cavity.

Reason 5: Some of the additives in the glass custom volatilization or chemical reaction to generate the gas.

In fact, it is normal if there are a few small bubbles in the glass cup. It cann't be avoided in the production process. According to the quality requirement, it is only a 

defective product. Maybe it is not perfect for consumers, but it still can be used for daily usage. For all of our Garbo order, there is a stict inspection stardard. Should any 

glass cup which has big bubbles, our QC will see them as defective product and pick them out. From the photo as below,you can see an example for marking the bubble from our QC during inspection: For those small defective goods, factory will deal with them by cheaper price selling sometimes. We- Garbo glassware always 

control good quality for clients,let clients have satisfying goods.

What are the sources of gases in glass bubbles?cid=3