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What are top summer glass pitcher sets for gift?

Pulished on Apr. 12, 2020


      Summer is coming, what gifts you decided to choose for friends, parents, or lover? It is recommended that you can choose according to the season, Seasonal gifts can be a very different gift-giving experience. Hot summer, we often drink water, drink tea, is it necessary to choose a set of glass pitcher set to match? In the below,  recommend some hot sale glass jug and cup set for you to choose as a gift.


     Do your grandma and grandpa like drinking hot tea in the hot summer? Do they have a nice pitcher and glass cup?  Just check when you coming to their home. If their jugs are old. So pls consider my below flower glass drinking jug and cup set, they can decal in different flower patterns as we want.


    What is top 10 summer glass pitcher sets for gift?cid=3

        In the second, recommend a teapot with a stainless steel holder to your nice teacher. This stainless steel frame, which we can dry when we finish drinking the tea,besides that, it is easy to collect and place cups and jugs together.

         What are top summer glass pitcher sets for gift?cid=3

         Besides, at the same time, I want to recommend a modern simple jug set to your parents. It is hot sale rock design, simple but good quality, and it is a modern design, suit for your modern father and mother.

         What are top summer glass pitcher sets for gift?cid=3

       If your parents don't like so simple design, you can buy below the mini good design jug set for a gift. With a handle, it is easy to hold it and pour out the water. As it is a plastic bottom in the jug&glass cup, it is hot-resistant.

Such a pretty modern design when we place in our home.

         What is top 10 summer glass pitcher sets for gift?cid=3

         In the finally, recommend a cute design glass pitcher set for your friend. It can decal all kinds of cute animals, lovely carton pattern in the body of the jug and cup. As the below jug design, don't you like them? It is easy to drop the water with a v shape mouth.

         What is top 10 summer glass pitcher sets for gift?cid=3

      As mentioned above, we introduced so many beautifully designed cup pot sets. How we should be paid attention to in the selection of glass drinking sets? 

      1. Firstly, Security is the most important. Maybe high borosilicate glass is the first choice. For the normal heat-resistant glass, it can bear the temperature range generally is "-5 to 70 ℃". But for the super heat-resistant glass material, it can bear the high temperature up to 400 to 500 degrees, and it can withstand the "-30 to 160 ℃" instant temperature difference. As a tool for making and cooking tea, a high-borosilicate and lightly glass pot is the first choice.

     2. Secondly, choose a jus set in not too thin or too thick. If too thin, it is weak to against impacting. If too thick, the heat insulation is too good, can't flame heating and heat preservation well.

     3.Thirdly,pay attention to pimple in the mouth and handle of the jug and cup. Pay attention to whether the joints such as handles and spouts are smooth and natural.

     4. Fourthly, should check the tightness of the lid, it should be appropriate to cover and remove. Check the tightness of the lid and neck. If the lid and neck are too loose, it will easily fall off during use. But if it is too close, it is easy to get stuck, because it is too tight to cause damage.

     Overall, we have many good designs in our company Garbo Glassware, and we know many tips about glassware. Clear or decal, printing, frosted with animal, flower, pyrex or soda glass material.Welcome to contact us to choose a nice product and get more tips. Welcome.