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What is the different between normal glass cup and lead-free one

Pulished on Sep. 26, 2021

How many kind of glass cup that circulate in market?

In our lives, we often see that some cups look blue, some are white and even some are green. So we may think what are the differences between normal glass cup and the lead-free one? The glass cup circulating in the market are classified according to their materials, and can be divided into normal glass cup and crystal glass cup. There are two types of crystal glass cup: lead-free crystal glass and lead-containing crystal glass. We usually see lead-free glass refers to lead-free crystal glass.


What is the different between normal glass cup and lead-free one

Normally there are two different between the normal glass cup and lead-free one. 

Color: lead-free glass has better refractive index than normal glass, and more perfectly shows the refractive performance of metallic glass; such as some ornaments of various shapes, crystal wine glasses, crystal lamps, etc. What's more, the Lead-free glass cups have brighter color than the normal one. That doesn't mean the normal one is not good, for the normal one, they have 4 levels: high white glass cup, middle white glass cup and nomal white glass cup. For the high white one, the cups also looks great.

Heat resistance: generally glass can withstand very high temperatures, but lead-free one is poor in resistance of the extreme cold and heat. Lead-free crystal glass is a glass with a high expansion coefficient, and its heat  or cold resistance is even worse. If you pour the boiling water in a particularly cold lead-free glass, it will easily burst. 

Impact resistance is different. Lead-free glasses cups are more tough than  normal glass cup, which means the impact resistance of lead-free glass cups are better than the normal one.

What is the different between normal glass cup and lead-free one

How can we quickly distinguish the lead-free glass cup and ordinary one?

We often see that many glass cups have beautiful designs, but we can’t know whether we are going to buy is a lead-free glass or ordinary glass. Then I will teach you to distinguish them easily. Below we can distinguish them from three aspects when  you wanna buy glass cups.

1. Light weight:  Normal glass products are slightly heavier than lead-free crystal glass products. And the lead-free glass is much lighter when you picked up, and it feels very smooth.

2. Sounds: In addition to the metallic sound of normal glass cup, the sound of lead-free glass is more pleasing to the ears, and it has the reputation of "music" cups. Many musicians love to creat music with the lead-free goblet cup.

3. Appearance: the wall of lead-free glass is very thin and bright. When the two cups are put together, it is easy to find that lead-free glass is more popular and glossy.

What is the different between normal glass cup and lead-free one

The most important point is because the glass cup does not contain any organic chemicals, when people use the glass cup to drink water or other beverages, they do no need to worry about harmful chemicals being drunk into the stomach. What's more, the glass surface is smooth and easy to clean. Therefore, it is the healthiest and safest for people to drink water by glass and safe their time to wash.