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What is the function of double-wall glasses? And which is my favorite cup?

Pulished on Aug. 27, 2021

There are various glass products in our daily life, such as glasses, glass bowls, and glass pitchers... But we don't know much about the properties of these glasses. Insufficient understanding of glass materials often leads to various problems. We are going to tell you the function of double wall glasses.


The design of the double wall glass cup greatly reduces the thermal conductivity of the cup body, It is heat insulation and anti-scalding.

The double-wall glass cup adopts the principle of double-layer structure to improve the comfort of the cup and also enhance the heat preservation effect of the glass cup. It is the best of both worlds. The double-walled glass cup not only have a humanized design but also has a good aesthetic value. The transparent double-layer structure almost sublimates the tea drinking into a dynamic artistic performance.

The double-wall glass cup is hand-blown and has the functions of heat preservation and heat insulation. If the middle compartment is not a vacuum, then there is a hole at the bottom of the outer layer which is in order to discharge the gas during the blowing process to prevent the cup from deforming and bursting, and then to seal the hole after the production is completed, there is gas in the middle.


Recommended double wall glass cup

What is the function of double-wall glasses? And which is my favorite cup?cid=3 

The 350ml double wall glass cup which with enough volume for one drink, when you have a coffee in the morning, it helps to be fresh with such a capacity drink. When you make a hot drink, the heat will transfer into the gas in the middle layer. So when you hold it, you can feel the warmth but not heated. It is suitable for any occasion.