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Why there is a cost to open new mold for a customized glass product and customers how to clarify all details before producing?

Pulished on Aug. 27, 2021

Whether the bottle of glass bottle design matches the material quality, production equipment, mold manufacturing, and other aspects, so we usually look at proofing, first of all, the proofing side should understand the grade of their products, physical and chemical properties, and appearance of any special requirements, and then understand the quality of products produced by the production side. See if the manufacturer can produce glass bottles of the same quality as the proofing side. 

1. The cost of glass bottle mold:

If it is an ordinary mold, it is about $700 each, and if the glass bottle requires a good appearance, and the size deviation is very strict, it is recommended to use the spray welding mold, and the price is close to doubling, so from the point of view of proofing, although some manufacturers have received thousands of molds, if the proofing is not up to standard several times, they will lose money. The main reason is that the cost of wasted production time is too high. In fact, the mold fee is not what the manufacturer wants, but is collected by the mold factory. Especially for special-shaped bottles, many products have been improved many times before they can produce qualified samples. Or the process used is different, the equipment is also different, different equipment may be difficult to make the same product. Many domestic glass wine bottles and wine bottles are produced by imported equipment if we need to find professional manufacturers in this regard, and then the price, with the improvement of China's economic level, our labor costs have increased a lot, compared with developed countries, but it is high for underdeveloped countries, especially in recent years, labor costs have risen, coal and natural gas have risen. The cost of transportation has gone up, and the unit price of the product has increased a lot. So we have a good mentality when making products, the price of products with good quality must be high, and the quality of products with low prices is equal. 

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2. Material quality:

If the bottle requires good material quality, the requirement is to reach the quality of medicinal glass, it is best to be produced in a qualified glass factory, so that at least the physical and chemical properties meet the requirements. Now for molded bottles: most of them are small-volume injection bottles and large-capacity infusion bottles. Brown bottles are mainly syrup oral bottles. If the appearance is required to be good, the transparency of the bottle is very good, and the finish is very good, you can choose crystal materials, mainly high-end wine bottles. Then there is the daily chemical series of bottles, but the physical and chemical properties of such products are worse than the quality of medicinal materials, some will break at high temperature, and some of the indicators exceed the regulations. 

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3. Production and price of glass bottles:

If the capacity is more than 750 ml, it is basically produced by semi-automatic manual machines, with a starting quantity of more than 20,000 pieces. 

If it is a conventional glass bottle with a capacity of 100ml to 750ml, it is recommended to use a dripping machine, most of which are 6 or 8 in China, with a quantity of more than 100000. 

If it is a special-shaped bottle, regardless of the size of the capacity, it is basically produced by semi-automatic manual machines, less than 500ml, starting quantity of more than 50,000; more than 500ml, starting quantity of more than 20,000. 

Of course, this is a quantity requirement for the normal glass. If you want to customized borosilicate glass bottles. The MOQ just needs 3000 PCS.

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4. Glass bottle proofing time: 

At present, various glass bottle factories in the market economy are competing with each other and want to get more orders in order to make better profits. As a salesman, they must want to receive more orders. Some glass bottle manufacturers, which have done better for a long time, have a detailed review process for the order, but the review time may be longer. Generally, small enterprises are very flexible, and they feel they can do it after getting the sample. Samples can be produced in 20 days. We can calculate that from sample production, we usually find professional mold manufacturers to do molds, and some of them are processed by ourselves, from bottle drawing (2-3 days). Customer confirmation (1-2 days) to make a mold if it is a single drop of 6 groups or two groups of 4 groups, it will take at least 10 sets of molds, and it will take about 10 days for mold production. (if the sample mold will be faster) plus another time of 5 days, it will take 20 days at the earliest, and then arrange machine proofing, which is estimated to take 5 days, which will be close to a month. But now many customizers require that they must get samples in 15 or 20 days, so that producers have to be in a hurry in some aspects, and some even proofing in production lines that do not match. Products that do not have strict quality requirements can also be used. If it is a special-shaped product, it is difficult to make a qualified sample if the material property and mold design do not match.

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