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What should you know about color glassware

Pulished on Aug. 02, 2019

Have you even focused on color glassware in the supermarket? There also exist different kinds of colored glassware. If you want to know more, please read the following article. 

Ordinary glass is fused with quartz sand, soda ash and limestone. It is a mixture of non-stationary silicates. And the coloring principle of glassware is, in the smelting procession add the compound of cobalt (Co), manganese (Mn), nickel (Ni), iron (Fe), copper (Cu) and other mixed elements, as an ionic state in glass. Because their valence electrons jump between different energy levels (ground state and excited state), they are colored by selective absorption of visible light, such as cobalt blue, manganese purple, nickel green and other colors of glass.

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The color of color glassware is quite varied. Original glass has color, most of them are later painted glass. In the smelting procession of glassware add the compound of cobalt (Co), manganese (Mn), nickel (Ni), iron (Fe), copper (Cu) and other mixed elements, they are colored by selective absorption of visible light, finally it shows varied color as red orange yellow green cyan blue and violet. These metallic elements are usually considered toxic substances. In fact, they react with silicate oxidation to form four or six coordination complexes, very stable, 100℃ boiling water is impossible to decompose it.

Painted glass is sprayed color on the glass, It will be indeed not healthy to drink it into our body after a long time. Then we have a question: how to distinguish painted glass and solid color glass? One way to easily tell is to scrape the bottom or rim of a cup with a knife, if sprayed color the paint will be removed. If tell with our eyes, painted glass may be uneven and the color will be Some are thick and some are thin.

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Here tell you several tips to clean the color glass cup:

1.When we clean the cup, we can put some toothpaste on the wall of the cup. The toothpaste can make sure the cup is clean when we clean it.

2.When using salt to clean a cup, rinse the cup first. Then use a spoon to scoop up a teaspoon of salt and place it in the cup. Rub your hand over the stained area to reveal the transparent glass.

3.Using alcohol to clean the color material cup, we should pay attention to the concentration of alcohol, we must use 75% of medical alcohol, filled 15 ml into the color material cup, with a clean gauze scrub the inside wall of the cup, clean it with water after that.

4.We can prepare two spoonfuls of vinegar and some mung beans in advance, put them into a cup, and then cover them with the lid. By shaking them vigorously, the mung beans can rub against the stain, and they can be washed off quickly.