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What will you cook and eat for New Year's Eve Dinner?

Pulished on Jan. 15, 2022

Time flies, it is 15th Jan 2022, in most of the countries, 2021 is already gone, but for me not yet. I usually counted the coming year after the Chinese Lunar New Year. The first day of 2022 in the Chinese Lunar Year is 1st Feb 2022 this year.

What will you cook and eat for New Year's Eve Dinner?cid=3

The Chinese New Year Holiday is the longest holiday in China which indicate how important this festival it is. Everyone thinks highly of this holiday, it is a festival for a reunion. And on Chinese New Year Eve, people will cook a sumptuous dinner, vegetables, soup, meat, snack...that you may eat once a year, because of the complex cooking. But in order to celebrate the reunion of a family and say goodbye to the last year, it is worth it.

The food styles of the southern and northern regions of China are very different. Southerners prefer to eat white rice and pastries which looks more small and exquisite with a lighter diet, and Northerners like dry food such as noodles and bread, the portion of each dish is adequate with a strong flavour.

But there is some common sense in the meal. For example, fish is a must-have dish for New Year's Eve dinner. We call fish yuwhich is the same sound of surplus, that with a good meaning of surplus every year. We usually steam the fish with oil, soy source and ginger and spring onion to preserve the original flavour of the fish which is more suitable for southerners taste.

You can use a ceramic fish plate, or use a borosilicate glass plate which is quite the same as a fish size also.

A chicken pot, kind of makes a chicken soup with red date, mushroom and some other food can improve the flavour of the soup. Then you can use a borosilicate glass casserole which can withstand thermal shock about 120 degrees, and you can see what you cooked inside to know the maturity of the food you cooked. And seafood, pork, some snack, the most important and the last dish is green vegetables.

As we know, chinaware is used for meals all the time. But with technology developed, there is heat resistant glass and allow us to put some food with high temperature and without broken. And the clear material can see what you keep in the dish. That is a good choice. If you wanna know more about glassware, can subscribe to our web and leave us your contact info.

Best wishes to all of you have a reunion with your families.